(Clearwisdom.net) Young Xing Er and her parents are Dafa disciples. When Xing Er was only three months old, she and her mother started to listen to the Fa together. Her mother often took her along when she went out to clarify the truth.

When Xing Er was eighteen months old, her parents went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. After that, the police constantly harassed them. One day the police broke into their home, seized the family of three, and took them to the police station, where they tortured her father. Xing Er cried for her father. A policeman threatened, "Come on. I'll bring you to see your daddy. You can see what it feels like to be hung up in the iron cage." Her mother knew full well that seeing her father being tortured would cause severe mental anguish for the child, so she held Xing Er firmly and wouldn't let go. Xing Er's father was sentenced to three years of forced labor for not disclosing information about fellow practitioners. Xing Er and her mother were released the second day. Because of the stress of the ordeal, Xing Er had a high fever. For a while, whenever she heard the phone ring or a knock at the door, she would burst into tears.

When her father was illegally sentenced, the family had only 90 yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China]. Xing Er's mother started a small delivery business to make a living. Rain or shine, Xing Er and her mother got up early in the morning and went out to make deliveries. Xing Er sometimes slept in the delivery cart. Mother and daughter oftentimes did not have enough to eat. Xing Er was never picky about the food, nor did she complain about the tough times. She always had her father's photo in her pocket. She often said to his photo, "Daddy, when will you come back?"

Xing Er had borne tremendous pressure at such a young age. She was very considerate of her mother and often helped her do dishes or keep an eye on the goods. She often comforted her by saying, "Daddy will come home for sure." She also asked fellow practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts so that he could come home earlier. One day Xing Er's mother felt dizzy and had to lie down. Xing Er then started to send forth righteous thoughts to help her, and soon she recovered

They finally saved up 200 yuan, and they bought a lot of food and went to the labor camp to see Xing Er's father. When Xing Er's mother asked if she wanted a bite, she replied, "No. This is for Daddy and other Dafa disciples."

Every day for two years, Xing Er and her mother ran back and forth between different shopping malls to deliver goods. They used every opportunity to clarify the truth. Each time her mother was asked why she brought such a small child with her to work, Xing Er would take the initiative and tell people how her father was sent to the labor camp just for being a good person.

Xing Er never quarreled with her little friends and told them to remember that Falun Dafa is good. Every time her mother went out to clarify the truth, Xing Er would eagerly join in. She helped to distribute flyers and deliver truth-clarification materials. When the police came to ransack their home, Xing Er held the Dafa books tightly in front of her chest. Once the police stopped their delivery cart and insisted on taking pictures of them. Her mother firmly refused, but the police forcibly took pictures anyway. The police then tried to take them to the detention center. Four-year-old Xing Er stood on the cart and scolded the police sternly, "Go away, you bad people! Don't you dare to touch my mother! You don't deserve to touch her!" Under their righteous thoughts, the police left in defeat.

When Xing Er learned that her father would be released, she sat on a bench outside every day waiting for him. One day, when Xing Er was home alone, her father came back. Xing Er could not even recognize him at first, since he had been away for such a long time. Finally, the family was reunited, and they are cultivating and clarifying the truth together.