(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Zhendong is the former chief of police in Xinji Town, Sanhe City, Hebei Province. He is 43 years old.

Wang Zhendong has been an enthusiastic accomplice of Jiang's group for years, assuming direct responsibility for persecuting local Dafa practitioners. He once ordered two policemen to take off two practitioners' clothes, and force them to stand barefoot in underpants only in the winter snow while handcuffed to the electric pole in the yard of the Xinji town hall. This went on for two entire days, while many residents stood around watching. The two practitioners turned purple and blue from the cold. They lost consciousness and fell down to the ground when the handcuffs were removed. During that time, a Dafa practitioner who was pregnant went to the police station to reason with Wang Zhendong. She stated that neither of these practitioners ever violated the law and that they were kindhearted, good people. Offended by what she said, Wang Zhendong, together with Yang Shaolin, secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee in Xinji Town, forced her to have an abortion.

Wang Zhendong instigated and participated in the persecution of several dozen practitioners to varying degrees. He once beat many Dafa practitioners so hard and long with a bamboo broom handle that some were bleeding from the mouth, while others were seriously injured. He also ordered several policemen to beat one practitioner for more than two hours, shocking him continuously with four batons and forcing him to drink half a bottle of liquor [Falun Dafa teaches practitioners not to drink alcoholic beverages]. At least three practitioners were illegally sentenced to a labor camp, where they were subjected to inhumane and unbearable torture.

Recently, Wang Zhendong was transferred to the Police Department in Sanhe City as acting director in the economic section. His home phone number is 86-316-3132965. His wife, Zhang Xiaolan, is now working at the Industry and Commerce Bank in Sanhe City. Her phone number is 86-316-3112294. They live in Room 201, Unit 2, Building 2, Kangju District, Sanhe City, Hebei Province.

Related personnel and relatives' names and phone numbers:

His father, Wang Xifa, lives in Sihe Village, Yangzhuang Town, Sanhe City.
His brothers, Wang Zhenfang, Wang Zhenhong, and Wang Zhenguo, all live in Sihe village, Yangzhuang Town, Sanhe City.
His uncle is Zhao Zenglu.
His wife is working at Industry and Commerce Bank in Sanhe City. Her phone number is 86-316-3112297.
Phone number of Jingha Road branch of Industry and Commerce Bank in Sanhe City is 86-316-3122490.
Phone number of Xunyang Street branch of Industry and Commerce Bank in Sanhe City is 86-316-3212232.
Phone number of Yonghe Deposit station of Industry and Commerce Bank in Sanhe City is 86-316-3214424.
Mayor of Xinjin Town: Liu Wei. Phone number: 86-316-3136696; 86-316-3218284; 86-316-3216170
Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee: Yang Shaolin, cell phone number: 86-13803222072; home phone number: 86-316-3220917.
Yang Shaolin's brother-in-law: Li Guangzhi, phone number: 86-316-3215048.
Yang Shaolin's wife: Dong Seqiu.