Promoted for Persecuting Good People, Ex-Director of Huanxiling Police Station at Liaohe Oil Field Suddenly Dies

Wang Taiyang, 49 years old, was the ex-director of the Huanxiling Police Station at the Liaohe Oil Field. His brutal persecution of Dafa disciples by following Jiang Zemin's orders got him a promotion and he was relocated to the city as the chief of the criminal investigation team for Xinglongtai District. He was really elated with his career and financial success.

However, one morning about a month ago, he drove home from work and went to sleep soundly. Around noon, his wife came back home from work and found him dead, naked in bed with his nose and mouth both covered in blood. Later autopsy showed that he died from a sudden illness.

Party Secretary of Jinxi Town, Huaihua City in Hunan Province Died

Since July 20, 1999, Yang Siyin, Party Secretary of Jinxi Town, Zhongfang County of Huaihua City in Hunan Province has been very active in persecuting Dafa and Dafa disciples. He often illegally detained Dafa disciples, and even personally sent them to forced labor camps. And now he has met with retribution: he sustained an injury in an accident last year and died this year.

Pan Junrong, a police officer in Jinxi, has also received karmic retribution for persecuting Dafa and taking Teacher's articles away from Dafa disciples: he was fired after being charged with corruption.

A Person from Qingan Village, Shuangcheng Town Receives Karmic Retribution

Na Hongshuang and Sun Qingwu are peasants from Qingan Village of Shuangcheng Town. Since July 20, 1999, they have been monitoring Dafa disciples. Although their friends and relatives advised them not to do so for their own well-being, they would just not listen. As a result, their bad deeds have brought disaster to both them and their family members.

Na Hongshuang's wife died from a sudden illness in the fall of 2000. In the summer of 2003, Na Hongshuang blinded one of his eyes while lighting firecrackers. As for Sun Qingwu, due to his damaging and tearing truth-clarifying materials about Dafa, he is now suffering from a long-term illness. His wife also suffered by breaking her wrist when she fell off her bicycle.

Director of Jiagedaqi Detention Center in Heilongjiang Province Killed in an Accident

Dong Yanjun was the director of Jiagedaqi Detention Center in Heilongjiang Province. He participated in the brutal persecution of Dafa disciples. Around January 2003, he died in an explosion of a propane heater.

Li Lin, Deputy Head of Organizational Department from Southern District of Baoding City Died Suddenly from Heart Attack

Li Lin was the Deputy Head of the Organizational Department in Southern District of Baoding City. He followed Jiang Zemin closely and often carried out the orders of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He died suddenly from heart attack during the SARS epidemic.

These incidents could have been avoided. These people may not have started out as bad people, but under the intense pressure applied by the Jiang regime, they were pushed into persecuting Dafa disciples. In the process of destroying the lives of good people and law-abiding citizens, they have sealed their own fates and inevitably faced karmic retribution. They have faced punishment and even brought misfortune to their loved ones. If it weren't for Jiang's wicked orders, perhaps their fates would have been different.