(Clearwisdom.net) The Xidayingzi Forced Labor Camp of Zhaoyang, Liaoning Province tortures practitioners who hold steadfast in their belief of Falun Dafa. Over the last two years they have captured and tortured many practitioners, but only a few of those stories are told here. Most of these practitioners were beaten with electric shock clubs in a manner that has become a standard practice for the guards of prisons, labor camps and brainwashing camps across China. Many were forced to stand, sit, or lie in the same positions for days, usually with their hands and feet cuffed in the most uncomfortable positions possible. What follows are accounts of what some of these practitioners have endured here and at the hands of the local officials in the area.

Since May 28, 2002, when they captured Wang Jian, a 36-year-old worker from Lingyuan Steel Factory, he has endured much harsh treatment from the guards as well as some of the prisoners of the Camp. Wang Jian went on a hunger strike for 180 days to protest the persecution. Under the guise of concern for his well being, a tube was placed down his nose and into his stomach so he could be force-fed. During the 6 months of Wang Jian's hunger strike, the prisoners Tao Yongli and Song (first name unknown) forcibly fed him. Once, when Song was force-feeding Wang Jian, he forced a large amount of salt into Wang Jian's stomach. Tao Yongli used a chopstick in the force feeding and sadistically stirred it around Wang Jian's mouth and injured his throat in various places, causing Wang Jian to lose a lot of blood. After that incident Wang Jian couldn't speak normally for about 6 months. The 4th group leader Qi Yongshun (a prisoner) said that they had beaten Wang Jian with 8 electric batons and poured water on him when he passed out.

In mid-December 2002, the guards forced Wang Jian to stand for 3 days and 3 nights. They ordered prisoners Yang Jingwu, Zhang Xiaotian, and others to take turns to watching over Wang Jian. One person sat in front and another sat behind Wang Jian to keep watch. After all the standing Wang Jian's shins were swollen so severely he had difficulty wearing sandals. Also, these two prisoners continued to act out against him. Prisoner Zhang Hongwu forced Wang Jian to bite down on a cigarette butt [Falun Dafa practitioners do not drink or smoke] while squatting. Yang Jingwu unzipped Wang Jian's pants and continued to humiliate him.

In early 2003, Wang Jian shouted "Falun Dafa is good" and "We are being defamed" in the cafeteria during breakfast time. They transferred him to the 3rd group on the next day and sent him to work doing forced-labor.

On the afternoon of November 10, 2003, Wang Jian went back to 4th group and yelled, "Falun Dafa is good." The group leader Qi Yongshun shouted, "Take him here," leading them to a brainwashing room. Qi Yongshun, Gao Zhiguo and Fang Jinsen beat Wang Jian with electric batons. They took him back to the dormitory after he passed out. The flesh on Wang Jian's right leg was burnt and there were several scorch marks. After this he had such difficulty walking that two prisoners had to assist him everyday. His eyes often stared into space and he couldn't eat.

In mid October 2003, Lu Dawei of Lingyuan city was sent to Xidayinzi Forced Labor Camp in hand and foot cuffs. As soon as he arrived they sent him to the small cell. They made him lie on his back and cuffed his hands to a metal ring. They unlocked the cuffs on his legs during nighttime, but during the day both his hands and legs had to be cuffed. On the second day Lu Dawei yelled, "Falun Dafa is Great." The 4th group ldeader Qi Yongshun, Dao Zhiguo, Tian (first name unknown), and others, took electric batons and charged into the small cell. They beat Lu Dawei all over his body. The guard, Tian Shunshan, stuffed cloth into Lu Dawei's mouth and tightened it around his throat so that Lu Dawei couldn't yell, "Falun Dafa is good." On the second day, four guards including Du Lei, Wang Wenjie, and others, each grabbed electric batons. Wang Wenjie poured water onto Lu Dawei, and they fanatically beat him. They even pressed the baton into Lu Dawei's mouth and shocked his mouth with electric charges. Lu Dawei's body was scorched and burnt in various places. His face and mouth were burnt and blistered. Other prisoners said that seeing Lu Dawei's injuries frightened them.

Wang Enwei is a practitioner from Machang Village, Qidaoling Township, Zhaoyang County. In August of 2002, the guards locked Wang Enwei, into the small cell alone. This cell was about 2 meters tall and 1.5 meters wide. There was a wooden board on the floor and on the two far sides of the cell, near the floor, metal rings. The guards used these to handcuff Wang Enwei on his back in a fixed position (this is a standard method of the so-called re-education). In this position he could neither move nor lie comfortably. The cell was very damp and Wang Enwei had to urinate and defecate in this cell. Only half of a regular meal was served to him when he was locked up there (this is also a standard practice). During the night rats ran around and after several days the stench in the cell was so bad that it became difficult for him to breathe. The guards sent prisoners to take turns watching and wouldn't allow Wang Enwei to clean himself. He was left like this for over 4 months. Wang Xinyuan of Fuxin was also locked in one of these small cells in the same posture for over 2 months.

Yang Xiufan is a 62-year-old teacher from the Party School of Linyuan City. He declared that the brainwashing conducted on him to be null and void, refuting his earlier promise to stop practicing. On the afternoon of May 3, the guards including Du Lei tortured him. They used electric batons to beat his chest (over his heart), head, throat, waist, back and various other parts of his body. When they were through his skin was blistered with yellowish bubbles.

Ni Junhua is a 53-year-old man from Yangshan Town, Zhaoyang County. In mid December 2002, he sent forth righteous thoughts while being detained. Several prisoners, including Zhou Feng, Yan Zheng Ping and Zhang Hongwu, beat him for doing this [this is similar to a meditation where one sits quietly]. His left hand was bruised and his legs, buttocks and waist were beaten so badly that they were oozing blood all over. After the bleeding stopped, his legs became so swollen he couldn't squat when he had to use the restroom or take off his pants. He was unable to move even when he was sleeping.

The Political and Judiciary Committee of Zhaoyang City, Liaoning Province:

Yao Huijun, secretary, office phone: 86-421-2612917, cell phone: 86-13904216196, home phone: 86-421-2628691
Bai Qujing, vice secretary, office: 86-421-2630610, cell: 86-13904919790 and 86-13704918379, home: 86-421-2624337

Xidayinzi Forced Labor Camp, Zhaoyang City, Liaoning Province:
Yu Wanchi, camp president, office: 86-421-3300879, cell: 86-13304918600 and 86-13842188600, home: 86-421-2610612
Yan Zifu, vice political judiciary, office: 86-421-3300230, cell: 86-13842188601 and 86-13332361112, office: 86-421-2819272
Jin Yucheng, camp vice president, office: 86-421-3300235, cell: 86-13904911919, home: 86-421-2814896
Du Baolong, camp vice president, office: 86-421-3300230, cell: 86-13842188606, home: 86-421-2650373
Yuan Dawei, camp vice president, office: 86-421-3300235, cell: 86-13842188610, home: 86-421-2629026

Zhaoyang City Judicial Bureau, Liaoning Province:
Hua Yugang, bureau chief, office: 86-421-2625318, home: 86-421-2612285
Dong Wengang, vice chief: office: 86-421-2622941, home: 86-421-2610149
Li Zhongxin, vice chief: office: 86-421-2624737, home: 86-421-2810110
Wang Yuming, vice chief: office: 86-421-2624737, home: 86-421-2810110

Xidaxinzi Re-education Camp, 4th group (mainly responsible for arresting practitioners), Zhaoyang City, Liaoning Province:

Qi Yongshun, group leader, home: 86-421-2721900
Nian Jinming, vice counselor, home: 86-421-3815826
Mao Haijun, home: 86-421-2828150
Li Fuxin, vice group leader, home: 86-421-2625109
Tian Shushan, home: 86-421-3904097
Feng Bing, home: 86-421-2915010
Fang Jinsen, home: 86-421-2806406

Ex-Officers working in brainwashing class in Zhaoyang City Education Institue, Liaoning:
Liu Su Feng, 86-421-2617560
Liu Li, 86-421-2918906

Liaoning Province Labor Bureau:
Chen Yuhua, party-secretary
Wang Yonggang, vice chief, office: 86-421-88523696
Jiang Yong, vice chief, office: 86-421-88520635, home: 86-421-23525385
Xu Feng, vice chief, office: 86-421-88520583, home: 86-421-86897091
Zu Hui, vice party-secretary, office: 86-421-88520681, home: 86-421-86221046

December 8th, 2003