(Clearwisdom.net, December 22, 2003) On December 20, 2003, the "Sound of Light Christmas Gala Celebration" was held in the Willoughby Civic Centre located in northern Sydney. The celebration was sponsored by "Tongsong Art Ensemble" to promote goodness, sincerity and tolerance, facilitate the flow of culture between China and western countries, and to promote traditional Chinese culture.

Tang Dynasty fashion show Fan dance
"Pigeon dance" performed by Minghui School students Chorus

Deputy Mayor of the City of Willoughby, Mrs. Kate Lamb, New South Wales Assemblywoman, Mrs. Gladys Berejekelin and President of Australia Chinese Art Association, Mr. Tony Day attended the celebration and watched the performances. Mrs. Lamb and Mrs. Berejekelin delivered speeches and praised Falun Gong practitioners for introducing traditional Chinese culture to the western people and bringing the beauty of Falun Dafa to the people living in Willoughby. They said that this was a very meaningful celebration.

Performances included dances, songs, piano solo, folk arts, and a Tang Dynasty fashion show, which won rounds upon rounds of warm applause from the audience.