(Clearwisdom.net) A non-practitioner friend of mine told me about the following incident. In March 2003, three Dafa practitioners successfully broadcast over 30 minutes of Dafa truth-clarifying programs on the cable TV system in the Heilongjiang provincial government employees' residential compound. One of the practitioners was arrested and later sentenced to three years in prison. The other two practitioners were not caught. Jiang Zemin sent a special investigation team from the central government to investigate this incident.

The scope of the broadcast was not very large; so why was the evil so frightened? The answer is the unique location.

Jiang Zemin did everything through the various government agents under his control. However, the government machine is like a human body, it has its brain, heart (for example, an Administration Office), nervous system (like various levels of the government, TV and other media, etc), many acupuncture points, as well as hands and feet (for example, labor camps and prisons).

What Jiang Zemin fears most is losing control of this governmental machine. If the government machine doesn't believe his lies and follow his directions, then he is no longer capable of doing evil deeds. Therefore, at the beginning of the persecution, Jiang emphasized that "government employees are forbidden to practice Falun Gong" and "Members of the Communist Party are forbidden to practice Falun Gong", and later put a lot of effort into persecuting the Dafa practitioners who worked in the various media.

On the other hand, Jiang also fears the things that Dafa practitioners should do. In a fight amongst ordinary people, it is far easier and more effective to strike the opponent's vulnerable points than try to bind his hands and feet. Our truth clarification and exposing the nature and extent of the persecution can be done in the same way. Shouldn't we try to clarify the truth and expose the lies at vulnerable points or important areas of the regime in as many ways as we can to maximize the effectiveness? Of course we should not have the attachment of discrimination in truth clarification and should clarify the truth to all groups of people.

The above is only my personal understanding for your reference. Please point out anything that is incorrect.