(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, the second institution of Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, whose head is Su Jing, held a strict discipline class, during which a new phase of brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners began. During the previous persecution period, some Dafa practitioners' hands and feet were tied up, assuming the posture of sitting in meditation. The police put the book Zhuan Falun under their bodies, which Dafa practitioners regard as being so precious. They were tied up and could not move. These acts caused Dafa practitioners to suffer not only great physical pain, but also huge mental agony. One Dafa practitioner was tied up for twenty-one hours. After she was untied, her whole body was unable to move. The chief still incited two goons to stomp on her with their feet, which caused her to be disabled. Until now, she still cannot take care of herself. In addition, for over two months she was not allowed to wash or change her underwear. This was so even while menstruating. When her next menstrual cycle arrived the following month, she still wore the same soiled underpants. Her whole body was dirty and foul smelling.

Another Dafa practitioner was tied up into the sitting meditation posture for 18 hours. After she was untied, she could not move and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Another Dafa practitioner's hands were handcuffed to the radiator, which caused serious scalding and nerve injuries. She became disabled and can no longer lift anything.

In order to further devastate Dafa practitioners' physically and mentally, the guards did not allow Dafa practitioners to sleep or even close their eyes. Thugs were put on four shifts every day watching practitioners. Some Dafa practitioners were forced to sit on a small stool for all day and night for over a month. Some Dafa practitioners were sleepy and fell down to the ground from the stool. One Dafa practitioner was not allowed to close her eyes for five days and nights. Finally, this caused schizophrenia in this Dafa practitioner. She used her hands to wipe herself after using the bathroom. When she menstruated, she spread the menstrual fluid everywhere. Her mood and personality shifted constantly and unpredictably. It was so painful to see a formerly healthy 30 something woman reduced to this terrible state.

The head of these criminals beat Dafa practitioners repeatedly. She would take a Dafa practitioner alone to a room and close the door. She would strike them on the face, first on one side and then the other. She used her high-heeled leather shoes to step on Dafa practitioners' toes with all her strength. She used electric batons to beat and shock Dafa practitioners.

More persecution facts are unable to be exposed because the authorities strictly monitor and block off the news. In the strict discipline class, between the monitoring rooms, practitioners cannot talk to each other openly. There are always people surrounding Dafa practitioners when they go to the restroom, wash and eat meals. Recently, the guards heightened their control over the practitioners. The Dafa practitioners are not allowed to leave the monitoring room, receive visitors, write letters, or make phone calls. They were only allowed to eat steamed buns.

Those Dafa practitioners who had the three-month strict monitoring routinely had their sentences extended by a month. They would be cited for "misconduct" at any time. One Dafa practitioner who was kidnapped in February 2003 to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp had her term extended twice. Her first term extension was three months the first time and six months the second. On November 19, 2003, the police abducted three Dafa practitioners and illegally sentenced them to three years, five years, and eight years respectively.

It is hoped that Dafa practitioners would expose the persecution to the local people, so that they may understand the truth and help stop the persecution.