(Clearwisdom.net) Every time I attended peaceful demonstrations overseas to appeal for an end to the persecution, I was very touched upon seeing many Falun Gong practitioners who are in very hard financial situations actively in attendance. The practitioners who have better circumstances always want to help them. However, the husbands or wives who do not practice may not understand, which results in many little stories. One time my husband and I had a conflict on how to find lodging.

There was an activity in Berlin, Germany on May 13 for "World Falun Dafa Day." My husband, who does not practice, finally agreed for me to attend the activity. Then I made a phone call to register. There were two choices when registering for lodging: one is to stay at the local practitioners' homes where there is no need to pay; the other is to stay at hotels. I chose to stay at a hotel without any hesitation. I wanted to leave the local practitioners' homes to those with financial difficulties.

It was not unexpected that my husband got very angry when he heard my choice. He feared that the practitioners in Germany would reserve a luxury five star hotel for me in order to save trouble, which would waste much of our money. I explained with patience: "Falun Gong practitioners all live frugally, we do not spend money extravagantly ......" Finally, my husband calmed down.

A few days later, the practitioner in Berlin called and gave me the detailed information on the hotel reserved for me: first, it is not far away from the train station; second, it is a private hotel providing breakfast, and costs only 12 Euros per day.

I was very happy after hearing this. My husband was very happy, too. He praised our practitioners for being very responsible and working hard; they did not reserve a luxury hotel just to make things more convenient. By the way, my husband is not really stingy. He only thinks we should not spend money on unnecessary things.

This incident seems to have made quite an impression on my husband. Since then, whenever someone says "Falun Gong accumulates wealth by unfair means" or "Falun Gong is bad," he always flushes to the roots of his hair in hot dispute with them.

There was also a Fa conference in Berlin this year. I thought about how to attend it. It was not unexpected that my husband first agreed for me to go and then asked tentatively: "May I go with you?" I consented with a smile.

Hence, my husband and I went to Berlin by train together. I attended the activities of appealing for justice for Dafa and he enjoyed the scenery in Berlin. He called this trip a most-enjoyable one.