Solemn Announcement

I am 13 years old this year and obtained Dafa in May 1998. In May 1999 my father and I went to Beijing to appeal and were abducted by officials from my hometown's liaison office in Beijing. A policeman named Yu was drunk and slapped me and severely abused my father and other Dafa practitioners.

After I was sent back home, due to my fears, I answered "no" when the principle asked me if I would continue to practice Dafa. Because my xinxing was not high, I was pressured to join the "signature collection" activity against Dafa.

After the "Self-immolation" incident, I gave a speech, which damaged Dafa. I hereby solemnly declare that the above and all other activities, including what I said, wrote and did that were against Dafa's requirement are invalid.

From now on I will follow Master and will practice Dafa steadfastly and make up for the damage I did to Dafa.

Yao Ruiyuan

November 10, 2003

(From http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/11/21/61006.html)

Solemn Announcement

I am a middle school student. After I went to Beijing to appeal in 2000, I wrote a "guarantee" and "acknowledgement," which slandered Dafa and declared my departure from Dafa. I also said similar things against Dafa. I did this because of various pressures and my lack of righteous thoughts.

In the signature collection after the "Self-immolation" incident, I signed my name due to fear. I now declare that all the above actions and statements were wrong. I will assist Master and protect the Fa using righteous thoughts and behavior expected from Dafa disciples in this Fa-rectification period, and make up for the damages I made to Dafa.

Dafa disciple Feng Jie

October 1, 2003

(From http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2003/11/21/61006.html)