For some people, it is difficult to believe that the Tiananmen Square self-immolation was a staged event designed to deceive people, because they cannot imagine that a government and the police could do such a shameful and deceptive act.

But one thing is clear and every one has seen it on TV, that is, the plastic Sprite bottle that contained gasoline remained intact between Wang Jindong's legs during the entire process. I ask everyone who still thinks the self-immolation is reality to try an experiment. Try and melt a similar size plastic bottle and see how long it will take. My own test showed that a bottle softens in 5 seconds, shrinks and distorts in 7, and turns into a small blob and starts burning in 10. Now considering that a plastic bottle cannot withstand high temperatures for more than five seconds, and as everyone will remember, Wang's bottle was intact the entire period of his self-immolation, the full time of his burning must not have exceeded 5 seconds. Can anyone imagine that with its sudden occurrence, the self-immolation at Tiananmen Square was extinguished in 5 seconds?

Moreover, when gasoline burns, the temperature can reach above 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Yet everyone will remember that Wang's ears, hair, and scalp were all intact after the incident. Everyone should also note that one's skin will blister in a few seconds when boiling water is spilled on it, and the resulting burn is extremely painful; but Wang's skin seemed undamaged after this intense fire.

His vocal cords were also not damaged in spite of this incredibly high temperature, as he was clearly able to shout out slogans. When a reporter interviews a person outdoors, he will hold the microphone right at the mouth of the speaker so that his voice sounds clearer. On TV, Wang's voice was loud and clear. Being able to video the incident so promptly and so close to the person, doesn't this in itself prove that everything was staged?