From the Archives: After 22 Years of Silence, a Young Woman's Hearing and Ability to Speak Return

December 19, 2003


I am from Jilin Province. When I was 4 years old, I got a serious cold and had a high fever for days. I lost my ability to speak and hear and never got it back. My parents and I visited many big hospitals looking for a cure, but none could be found. My family felt despair and so did I.

One day in February of 1997, I discovered Great Perfection Way of Falun Buddha Law by Mr. Li Hongzhi at my aunt's house. I started reading the book very attentively. After reading it, I hand-signalled my aunt to teach me the exercises. My aunt took me to a practitioner who, recognizing that I was very sincere, started teaching them to me.

Miraculously, the next day I felt there was a Falun rotating in my ears. I also started listening to the tapes of Teacher's lectures. When I did, I felt that someone was throwing things out between my ears and my vocal cords. Teacher was purifying my body. I was very excited and started doing the exercises more diligently. I wore an earphone to listen to Teacher's lectures. It didn't matter how much I could actually hear, I just listened to the entire series.

On the 45th day of practice, a miracle happened: After 22 years of being deaf and unable to speak, I got my voice back! The first word that I said was, "Buddha!" The first phrase was, "Teacher Li Hongzhi!" My fellow practitioners and I were very excited with tears in our eyes. It was Teacher's mighty virtue that made me speak again. It was Falun Dafa that saved me out of a world of silence. My personal experience strengthened my belief in Falun Dafa's boundless power, gave me even more respect for our great Teacher, and made me more determined to practice cultivation.

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