December 1, 2003

( I am a regular Chinese person. Just like any other passerby on the street, I live a quiet life at work and at home. However, being regular doesn't mean that I am ignorant, nor does being silent suggest that I don't understand things. I still have a conscience.

I oftentimes look up into the sky while walking down the streets. Seeing the white clouds passing by, I can't help but wonder what remains constant. I am not a Falun Gong practitioner, but I have read the Sutras and the Bible in the past. They provide a stream of hope for kind people suffering tribulations. I have always believed that this hope is firm and free regardless of external pressures. Europe experienced a period of darkness during the Middle Ages. In history, there was also a time when temples were set on fire and monks were killed. Nevertheless, darkness and evil could never last long because Gods have been looking over this land and the ignorant humankind.

When you are so steadfastly upholding your hope and belief, I regret that I am too afraid to stand up and publicly support your behavior. I am also ashamed of myself for being frightened by the vicious dictator. But in any case, I am still able to encourage kind people like you. I can quietly pray and bless you.

My dear fellow countrymen, recently another incident of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted has come about. I grieve for our homeland deeply whenever I see these kinds of injustices happening around us!

I am a coward. When will justice ever prevail? However, Falun Gong practitioners' actions are in no way insignificant. Maybe the hope of China come from the savior that is present today. At least your words can allow more people to see the truth. Justice will prevail in people's hearts!