(Clearwisdom.net) Within the last few days I have let go of an attachment that I have been clinging to for a long period of time. I have let go of my ego so as to view problems from a different perspective. There seems to be a window that has opened in my heart after having been shut for a long time through which I am breathing in wonderfully pure and fresh air. I have suddenly experienced a hard to describe beauty that Dafa brings to lives.

It turns out that everything Teacher gave us is so beautiful that it cannot be depicted and explained even by using the most beautiful languages of human beings. Yet my heart had been dirty, not thoroughly cleansed, it was not holy and pure, and not bright and crystal-clear enough to be worthy of enjoying what Teacher has given us. In many cases, I had been following a small number of the principles which I had learned from the boundless Great Law, while centering myself on my ego. This caused a separation between Dafa and myself.

Everything has been renewed and re-created but I had been still behaving in accord with the principles of the old cosmos. I have realized that on many occasions when doing something to validate the Fa, I didn't continuously purify my heart and do those things under the guidance of my profound awareness. I was doing it according to my postnatal mentality.

Looking back at the things I had previously done, in numerous instances I was doing those things with an attachment of pursuit. This was selfish and in consideration of only myself. I had been letting go for the purpose of letting go. I had been breaking for the purpose of breaking, thinking of others for the purpose of thinking of others, studying Dafa for the purpose of studying Dafa, sending forth righteous thoughts for the purpose of sending forth righteous thoughts on time, clarifying the truth for the purpose of clarifying the truth.

Everything I did was always for the purpose of accomplishing something. When I was able to, layer-by-layer, break through these spiritual shackles and restraints and truly begin letting go of them, I was then naturally satisfied by doing the things I should do. "Ego" didn't count, neither did doing things with pursuit. My personal purpose, gain and pursuit were all gone.

Now in facing any problem, I no longer stick to thinking how "I" should do it or why should I do it. I am able to first think of fellow practitioners and all of us as a whole and am therefore clear-minded and rationally able to do what a Dafa practitioner should without any human mentalities.

As a matter of fact, Teacher has given us everything. However, I didn't take them and made one mistake after another. I didn't really cherish what Teacher has given us, but only wanted to gain from Dafa. I asked myself, how firm and unshakable is my belief in Dafa? I had always had a bit of reservation and hesitation when it came to this question. Can I dedicate my whole heart to Dafa? Can I let go of the fear of death at any moment? If my belief in Dafa is firm and unshakable enough, how could I worry about the matter of life and death? If I really behave myself dauntlessly, would I still fear this or that?

Our respected Teacher told us in Lecture at the US East Coast Conference,

"What I provide you with is not restriction, but a magnificent god." (unofficial translation)

What really restrains us when rectifying the Fa is nothing but ourselves, not others or any other external factor.

Indeed, the mentality of "self" should not exist and everything must be melted into Dafa since this is the choice and gift of our respected Teacher. In this historical period of Fa-rectification, Dafa practitioners are lucky enough for the chance to realize their predestined relationships with our Teacher and Dafa. It is an opportunity of many lifetimes and is not meant for our personal cultivation and improvement. It is given to us, in the continuous process of purifying ourselves, to validate the great wisdom of our respected Teacher in His creation of the new cosmos.