The mayor of Shulan City, Jilin Province, yelled: "We won't release him even if he is dead."

Practitioner Zhu Yujun of Shulan City has been detained for two months since his arrest at his place of work (The Forestry Department in Shulan City: 86-432-8224688). He has been on a hunger strike, and was twice taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Although he was not able to walk after the treatments, the authorities took him away and force-fed him.

Disregarding his life-threatening condition, the City Director and City Manager ordered the police department to take Zhu to a forced labor camp. The labor camp refused to take Zhu because they were unwilling to shoulder responsibility for Zhu's life-threatening condition. Even after five failed attempts, the police department still refused to release him. Presently Zhu is still detained in the City Detention Center. The mayor of Shulan city, Zhang Zhimin, announced to his subordinates: "We won't release him even if he is dead."

The mayor of Shulan city, Zhang Zhimin: 886-432-8222991 (Work), 86-13904440500 (mobile), 86-432-8234855(home)

Practitioner Li Shixia of Shulan City is paralyzed as a result of the persecution

Practitioner Li Shixia of Shulan City was detained in the City Detention Center because she told people the facts about Falun Gong. The authorities would not release her even though she was rejected three times by the forced labor camp due to her poor health resulting from the persecution. Ms. Li has been detained for over three months, and is paralyzed and bedridden.

A Dozen Practitioners in Qilihe Township, Shulan City, were illegally sent to a forced labor camp

During the sensitive periods preceding the National Day (October 1) in 2003, people from the township government and police station drove to practitioner Liu Dongmei's house in Fenghuang Village to take mug shots of her. Ms. Liu refused to submit to their unreasonable requests and escaped with two videotapes containing truth-clarifying messages. But the local authority in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, Gao Yunfeng, who was sitting outside in the car, captured her and put her in the detention center. He later sent Ms. Liu to Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp for a one-year term. It was her second time to be detained in a labor camp. Ms. Liu's husband has been forced to work away from his hometown, leaving their two children at home with no one taking care of them.

People taking part in the arrest of the practitioners include the local Deputy Party Secretary Gao Yunfeng, police station Chief Sun Hongpo, Armed Forces Department Chief Chen Ming, and police officers Wang Jingxin and Wu Qiang.

According to our investigation, there have been at least ten practitioners in the township who have been sent to forced labor camps within the past four years.

The list of participants in the persecution:

Gao Yunfeng: 86-432-8392351 (home), 86-432-8372303 (work), 86-13944666373 (mobile)
Sun Hongpo: 86-432-8372310 (work), 86-13630639338 (mobile)
Wang Jingxin: 86-432-8372310 (work), 86-13331721188 (mobile)
Wu Qiang: 86-432-8372310 (work), 86-13079716434 (mobile)
Chen Ming: 86-432-8370118 (home), 86-432-8370303 (work), 86-13894297968 (mobile)