(Clearwisdom.net) At present a lot of Minghui schools have been established all over the world, providing a good environment for young Dafa practitioners outside the mainland to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and clarify the truth. Nowadays, since the overall situation in many places in the mainland is getting better, it is necessary to provide children with a good environment for Fa-study and practice during the holidays. I will briefly introduce a local Minghui school for fellow practitioners' reference.

Long ago, while several of us younger practitioners with children were sharing experiences, we had the idea of establishing a Fa-study group for children, but we could not find a suitable place. Soon after that, under Teacher's protection, everything fell into place smoothly. A Dafa practitioner, formerly an art teacher in a primary school, had an acquaintance who provided her with a spacious apartment. Thus during the holidays, we set up a family-style Minghui school. The number of parents who sent their children to this Minghui school continually increased. After they become familiar with the school, the children, most of whom are pupils elsewhere, gladly come on their own.

Since most children live far away and the time is limited, they do not go home during lunch break. Besides teaching the children art, the practitioner also leads them to practice the exercises for half an hour, helps them try to learn one chapter of Zhuan Falun, and has them practice copying Hong Yin with a traditional brush. They sometimes tell stories, play games, or share their insights. The practitioner guides the children to take the Fa as the teacher and to always look inwards when faced with any kind of situation. These children make progress quickly. They are really happy from deep down inside in the Minghui school. Their understanding sides are so thirsty to assimilate to the Fa. Their parents' time for Fa-study and truth clarification is also increased. Non-practitioner parents are also very satisfied since they find that their children's bad habits have been rectified greatly after they attend the Minghui school. Some parents said: "It seems like my child changed into a completely new person!" That is because Dafa can improve children's character and moral standards.

In the peaceful environment before August 1999, there were children's Fa-study groups all over China. Young practitioners' motivation to correlate learning and cultivating is so strong. But after Dafa was persecuted illegally in the mainland, many parents ignored their children's cultivation. Many young practitioners gave up Fa-study and practice because there was no environment for them to do so. So as parents of young Dafa practitioners, they have not assumed responsibility. It takes a special karmic relationship to be a Dafa practitioner's child. That is why we must be responsible for them, since they were born to attain the Fa.

I recommend that practitioners everywhere restore a group cultivation environment for children, if conditions permit. We call for Dafa practitioners all over the world to exchange experiences and teaching plans in this field, and provide young practitioners with a good environment.