(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, there have been several articles on the issue of hunger strikes. Here I also want to share my thoughts on this issue.

Some fellow practitioners carry out hunger strikes in order to protest the torture and illegal detention. Their purpose is to reject the evil's torture and be released, so that they can rejoin the current of Fa rectification, clarify the truth and save sentient beings. Their motivation is not wrong. But what is the consequence? Some practitioners achieved their goal, while others suffered even more severe torture as a result of brutal force-feeding. Some even lost their lives. All the police, inmates, doctors and nurses who are involved in the torture, as well as countless beings in their corresponding universes, will be eliminated. Doesn't this defeat the purpose of our original goal of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings? We all know that we need to reject the arrangements of the old forces and the evil's torture, but why can't we reject such serious torture as force-feeding?

In fact we have a hundred ways to avoid getting arrested and get out of security offices or detention centers in a more dignified way. There are more solutions than a hunger strike. Then, how can we achieve an extraordinary effect, rectify the environment and eliminate the evil's torture? In my opinion, during the Fa rectification, if a Dafa practitioner still feels helpless in the face of torture and cannot resist the force-feeding that endangers his life, then he has failed to display the mighty power a Dafa practitioner should have after being assimilated to the Fa. We are lives created by the Fa, and sentient beings are waiting for us to save them. How can we be tortured by the evil?

It is also an issue of minimizing losses when other practitioners are involved. Imagine the following scenario: after been brutally tortured in a detention center, practitioner A tells the name of practitioner B or the location of a Dafa materials site, resulting in the arrest of B. Practitioner B goes on a hunger strike, which results in force-feeding and other means of torture and even the loss of his life. How can practitioner A make up for the loss? Therefore, if I were practitioner B, I would not participate in a hunger strike, considering the future of ordinary people and even more so, the future of practitioner A. With righteous thoughts, if I can eliminate the evil and get out of the detention center, I can turn a bad thing into a good thing and thus minimize the responsibility of practitioner A.

In August 1999, a certain practitioner was arrested. He realized that Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are very powerful and that it is very easy to immobilize ordinary people. But he did not know exactly how long the immobilization would last. He had thought about it for two days. Later, he thought that he should not be overly concerned, and maybe with his righteous thoughts, there would be a car waiting outside to take him home. The next day the police took him out of his cell for interrogation. He said to the police, "You all stand here and do not move. I am leaving." He then walked out the door. The police did not seem to see him when he arrived at the main entrance. Upon walking out the main entrance, he saw that one of his relatives had just gotten out of a cab. The relative told him that he came to the detention center to visit him and brought him some money, and that he was surprised to see him out already. They then took the cab and left.

In mid-November of 1999, over twenty practitioners went to unfurl banners in Tiananmen Square. Quite a few practitioners were released after being pulled into a police van. One practitioner was taken to the Tiananmen security office. When this practitioner got out of the van, he thought: "I am a Dafa practitioner and a divine being that protects the Fa in this dimension. I cannot be arrested and I have to get out of here." As a result, he too got out of the security office.

When police break into practitioners' homes and search for Dafa materials, some practitioners send forth righteous thoughts so that the police won't see them or the Dafa materials. Then the police indeed cannot see them. Practitioners already knew, as early as four years ago, how to suppress the evil with righteous thoughts and supernormal capabilities.

After being arrested, if one truly believes in Teacher and in his own capabilities as a Dafa disciple, he can instantly have the power of a dignified cultivator and is capable of getting out, or of suppressing the evil torture. However, if his state of mind has not reached that level or is not stable, even though all the police can be immobilized and all the doors are open, he may still not be able to get out. Even if he manages to get out, on his way through the doors, the slightest concern or worry would take his state of mind down to the same level as that of ordinary people. He then would miss all the opportunities that are offered only for practitioners. Therefore it is solely up to the practitioner himself whether he can make it or not. Others can only send forth righteous thoughts for him, to minimize the torture.

All practitioners who have been detained at detention centers, labor camps or prisons should know what the police fear the most: that someone will escape. If someone dies in detention, they can say that it was suicide or from other causes. But if someone manages to get out, they will lose their entire yearly bonus and their rating will be affected. If such incidents occur multiple times, the head of the prison might be laid off. Therefore, if practitioners can get out one after another with their righteous thoughts, it will suffocate the evil! This is another example of manifesting the supernormal power in the human world through practitioners' righteous thoughts. This extraordinary state of mind and strategy come from sending forth righteous thoughts consistently and clarifying the truth with a calm and rational mind. This way evil can be largely eliminated in other dimensions. As a result, this detention center will no longer dare to take in practitioners. They will use all kinds of excuses in order not to take any practitioners.

While doing very well in other aspects, some practitioners come up short in how to use righteous thoughts and supernormal capabilities to deny the old force's arrangements. I hope practitioners who are good in this aspect can share their experience with others, to help those who are being illegally detained so that they can get out as soon as possible and rejoin the current of Fa rectification. The more practitioners clarify the truth, the more chances for sentient beings to be saved.

The above are my personal thoughts. Please point out anything that is incorrect.