Huang Dingyi and his daughter (provided by Tongji University classmates)

Huang Dingyi, a Shanghai Dafa disciple who holds an M.S. degree from Tongji University, was illegally arrested at his home by policemen on Sept. 13, 2003. He is presently imprisoned at Zhabei District Detention Center in Shanghai. According to the information that we obtained, Huang Dingyi was arrested by the Zhabei District Procuratorate, who planned to put him on trial illegally. Previously, he had been sentenced to two years of forced labor in 2000, leaving a very young daughter at home. She has now seen her father arrested again, after less than one year of the family's being reunited. This will cause enormous devastation to such a young child.

Seven practitioners were arrested with Huang Dingyi, including Chu Xueshi (who was also arrested and sent to forced labor in 2001).

Contact Information for those responsible:

People's Procuratorate of Zhabei District: 86-21-56627730
Address: 606 Tianmu Zhong Road, Shanghai, Zip Code: 200070
Chief Prosecutor: Hua Guangeng
Prosecution Section Chief: He Wei
Prosecutors and Staff: Xu Lan, Teng Wenjing, Ren Ting, Zi Quiling, Li Zanyi, Yang Zheng
Complaint Center: 86-21-56322000
Zhabei District Police Department Chief: Xu Dafang
Main Switchboard of the Police Department: 86-21-63172110