(Clearwisdom.net) How Dafa practitioners understand the crimes Jiang has committed is an important aspect in measuring how we advance as one-body.

Teacher in his "Lectures in the United States" published in 1997, told us,

"As you all know, in ancient China--it was the same in other parts of the world--when the human moral standard was very high, there weren't those laws. They didn't have laws! There was only the very simple King's Law. People used morals as the standard for judging good and bad. Whether what you did was right depended on your moral values. "This person has no virtue"--this sentence alone would judge him. The county judges also decided cases this way. A person without virtue would be flogged with bamboo, and if that wasn't enough he'd be beheaded--"This person is no longer human, off with his head." He corrupted human ethics, so he was done away with."

In "Zhuan Falun" Teachers says,

"And "Law's End" doesn't just have to do with the end of Law in Buddhism--it's about how the world goes when it doesn't have the restraint of the Law in people's hearts to sustain morality."

Laws in human world are gradually evolved from the Law in people's hearts taught by enlightened beings. Eventually, humans create their own laws. When human beings are righteous, one uses morals to measure the crimes humans commit. That is, when someone has became "non-human", their thinking must be off. In the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, it is not righteous to only rely on today's degenerated laws to measure the crimes Jiang has committed. His crimes should be judged by Dafa practitioners. We are obligated to bring law back to a righteous path.

"Crimes against conscience" and "hate crimes" are usually sufficient to describe the crimes of humanity. However, Jiang has been exhausting all evil and extreme means to physically and mentally torture Falun Gong practitioners, people who hold faith in "Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance". He has been trying to force them to trade their conscience and morality in exchange for their lives and physical wellbeing. He has been spreading lies and using economic threats and bribes as bait to spread his persecution to other parts of the world. What he wanted was to use his evil heart to demolish the true nature of sentient beings, ruin human conscience and destroy human moral values. It is not something that the laws of modern humans can sufficiently address.

The above are just my personal understandings. I put them here for fellow practitioners to discuss. What crimes has Jiang committed?

November 27, 2003