(Clearwisdom.net) In the past, I would sometimes complain, "How come this person acts like that and does not appear to be a practitioner?" Or, "This thing should not be handled this way, and that thing is unfair to me." Or, "The evil came again to mess things up." Or, "I feel so tired..."

After these things occurred, I was able to see that it was the attachments that I still firmly held that caused troubles and concerns for me, and it blocked my way of moving forward. I did not really let go of my attachments fundamentally, and thus I did not move forward.

I could see that it was me who treated everything with human notions, which were developed after I was born. They blocked me, preventing me from seeing truth of the universe.

In fact, what really hinders me from moving forward is not someone else or outside force or elements. It is me. It is me who still holds onto various human notions.

Before obtaining the Fa, in the ordinary society I developed habitual ways of doing things and pursued various personal interests. Even after practicing Falun Dafa this long, I still carry them with me. Although my environment changed, my goals and ways of doing things did not change. Examining the root, it is my own human notions that have not yet been changed fundamentally. I found that, when considering things during these years, my thoughts did not come from the Fa. Instead, they came from my own notions and interest. With such a frame of mind to judge things, whenever something came up, I would place it within this frame. It seemed to me like it was enlightenment from the Fa, while in reality it was my own notions that had the guiding role.

After noticing these, I came to understand why I felt tired from time to time, why fellow practitioners felt uncomfortable when hearing my opinions, why I felt my power was confined, why some things to validate the Fa did not proceed smoothly, and why the truth clarification results were not good. I found that, in the past I lived in a confinement of myself for such a long time and did not notice it. Fellow practitioners had pointed it out to me from different angles. Instead of facing it directly, I found excuses for myself and pushed them away.

When I was not attached to my own understanding, when I let go of pursuits of different kinds, when I stopped considering things from my own angle, when I no longer insisted on myself, the environment around me started to change. It became more peaceful and harmonious. My attachments and human notions caused the previous barriers. I started to listen to everyday people as well as fellow practitioners with patience. I started to let go of vanity, and begin to do well of the things around me, bit by bit, with my heart. I was no longer attached to the fame or interest that I used to pursue. As a result, much of the Fa-rectification work was no longer as complicated as it used to be. Things became much simpler.

In fact, it is not that something is wrong with other people, with this world, or with the surrounding environment. It is ourselves who have problems. If we can upgrade ourselves, let go of the constraints, and continue the journey, everything will be different.