(Clearwisdom.net) The recently published article entitled "Expose the Evil Happening Locally to the Local People * With Master's Comment" sets a higher standard for our understanding of the Fa and our realm of xinxing (mind nature, moral character). (Reference: http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/17/42315.html)

What Teacher taught is the Fa. I came to enlighten to the fact that we not only need to realize the importance and power of eliminating the evil and saving sentient beings by exposing the local evil to local residents, we also need to understand the requirement from the Fa and be immersed in it. Only after achieving this can we be more rational and do things with a purer heart. Therefore the harmonious nature and great compassion of Dafa can be manifested further.

As the Fa rectification is rapidly moving towards the human dimension and the massive old forces and evils in other dimensions are being eliminated, it has come time to eliminate evil people's filthy thoughts and vicious deeds toward Dafa and practitioners. They can no longer be used to torture and test practitioners. For the old forces, the vicious human beings that can no longer be used have already been largely eliminated. Whereas for those evil thugs that still can be used, they are still tightly controlled by the behind-the-scene helpers of the old forces and carry out their arrangements without any objective thoughts, for they attempt to continue to test some practitioners who are stepping forward or still have not stepped out. They are still fulfilling their "mission." This is absolutely unacceptable.

For a while many practitioners (including myself) did not have a clear understanding from the Fa regarding the issue of actively eliminating the evil factors in other dimensions. As a result, our mind was not righteous and achieved very little. Although I was doing Dafa work everyday, I did them in a passive and numb mode. I knew the principles of the Fa, but was I really following them? Knowing the Fa but not following it is not being assimilated to the Fa. In my mind, I saw us as passive and weak victims. I took the persecution as people mistreating other people. We seem very helpless and passive in the face of the evil regime that has the control of the country's machinery. I still have attachment of fear and the desire for comfort. I protect myself by always putting myself first. Those attachments and human notions are the largest obstacles that prevent us from actively participating in Fa-rectification and eliminating evils. They are also the main factor that limits Dafa particles from manifesting the boundless power of the Fa. When we become attached to them and agree with them, they prevent us from improving in the Fa and saving the countless beings in our cosmic system. If we do not get rid of our attachments or warped notions, we are in fact maintaining the principle of the old universe and being unwilling to assimilate to the Dafa. It is very dangerous! We used to be lives from the old universe and have deviated from our true self amidst the degeneration of the old universe. Our "old self" cannot enter the new universe that is made from the principle of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. We must give up the "old self" and detach from any deviation. We then can become our original true selves by actively assimilating in Dafa.

A Dafa practitioners' capability is limited, and so is that of the even higher Gods in universe. The Fa is boundless and indestructible. Fa rectification is truly done by Teacher and Dafa. It is our most compassionate thought to truly believe in Teacher and Dafa, and to assimilate to Dafa.

Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts come from the Fa. When we send forth righteous thoughts, the boundless power and immense compassion of Dafa will manifest through us. Everything that is not righteous will be rectified and all predestined sentient beings will be saved. The evil forces will collapse under the illumination of the Buddha light.

Let us actively eliminate our deviated notions of our old selves, follow steadily the process of Fa rectification and actively join the current of exposing all the local evil.