In the article "Golden Buddha *With Master's Comment," the following sentence appears, "Only when we can truly at every moment and at every place put the Fa into our hearts to continually measure ourselves against, putting our hearts into thinking about how to be responsible to the Fa, to sentient beings, and to our own cultivation, then can each of our í people of responsibility' take every step well and righteously."

(See http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/11/2/41918.html)

Each time when I look at this sentence, I always mistook "put the Fa into our hearts" for "put our hearts into the Fa." After I had made the same mistake over and over, I started to notice the difference between these two statements.

"Put our hearts into the Fa" is the phrase I often used when I talk about how to do Dafa related work. When I look deeper, I find that when I say this, I actually referred the "Fa" as "Dafa work." I meant to say "put our heart in Dafa work" and emphasized how whole-heartedly we need to do Dafa work.

"Put the Fa into our hearts" refers to our state of mind. Whether we consider doing Dafa work (even our daily behavior) as part of cultivation; whether we always keep the Fa in our mind and follow the Fa to cultivate ourselves, as stated in the article "Golden Buddha": "...doing Dafa work for long periods of time without thinking of anything else does not necessarily mean that a person is constantly in a state of mind of what a Dafa disciple should be."

After comparison, the difference is obvious. "Put our hearts into the Fa" is "to do Dafa work" whereas "Put the Fa into our hearts" is "to cultivate." That is the reason why I have been reading it wrong C I have always been doing Dafa work instead of cultivating myself.