Everyone in My Brother's Family Wanted to Learn

On October 6, 2003, I visited my brother's family on his farm to clarify the truth to them for the second time. The response I received was quite different from my first trip. On my first visit, they were indifferent and took no notice of what I said. But this time, they gathered around me and asked questions. I answered each question patiently and told them about the persecution of Falun Gong and how the suppression was all based on lies.

Their response was great. Almost everyone present wanted to get into the discussion. In particular, my nephew wanted me to demonstrate the exercises right then and there. After following me through the exercises once, his middle finger on his left hand, which had been without sensation for many years, started to tingle and then later began to sweat. "No wonder so many people had said that Falun Dafa is miraculous," he remarked. "If I hadn't had a firsthand experience, I would not have believed it. I can see why Falun Gong is so popular, even under severe persecution. Just looking at the Dafa truth clarifying materials, I can understand why." Before I left, he made sure that I would get him a copy of Zhuan Falun. My nephews and nieces all wanted to learn as well.

Even my 74 year-old sister-in-law said to me, "It is a pity that I can't read. I would like to learn too." "You don't have to know how to read to take it up," I encouraged her. "I will bring you the lecture tapes next time."

It was like heat waves were sweeping through the whole family. My brother was still a bit skeptical, but seeing all the facts before him, he had to agree, "Well, my younger brother definitely looks younger since taking up Falun Gong. He looks more like 50 instead of 65, and when he walks, he moves so briskly. My sister-in-law has recovered from her diabetes, and look at their elder daughter, she certainly looks well. Well, these are the facts. How can I not accept it?" Making an excuse, he continued, "I am too old (78) now. Otherwise, I would like to give it a go."

Woman Scolded For Alerting the Police

On October 18, 2003, an elderly woman in her seventies who practices Falun Gong was clarifying the truth to people on the street. A woman passing by, seemingly poisoned by the media's hateful propaganda against Falun Gong in China, wanted to alert the police of the elderly practitioner's action. Her screams caught the attention of a lot of people, who then came over to find out what the problem was. When they learned the reason for her yelling, they scolded her. At the same time, they told the practitioner to leave the scene quickly, but, by then, the police had already arrived and took the elderly practitioner away. The people were angry at the woman who had called the police and reproached her for what she had done. Although the elderly practitioner was taken away, the onlookers' righteousness had really stunned the evil. Seeing that no one paid any attention to her cries, the woman quietly slipped away.

A Righteous Lawyer Shows His Heart Toward Dafa

One practitioner had clarified the truth to a lawyer friend who, after learning the facts, showed great respect for Dafa. When he learned that this practitioner had lost his job for practicing Falun Gong, he offered him a thousand Yuan to help him out of his financial difficulty. However, the practitioner declined his offer saying, "Thank you for your kindness but I can't accept your money." The lawyer insisted that he take it, so the Dafa practitioner said to him, "Since we need money to print all these Dafa truth clarifying materials, with your consent, I would like to donate this money on your behalf for that purpose." The lawyer happily agreed. On hearing this, the fellow practitioners were moved by the lawyer's sincerity and wished him all the best.

"We Have Never Met Such Good Businessmen"

Two Dafa practitioners went to a certain town to do business. Upon arriving there, they employed some people to work for them. Having been misled by the media and the propaganda from Jiang and his associates, at first, both their employees and the local people were very cautious in dealing with them. But after a certain period of time interacting with them, the people were very impressed by the way these two practitioners treated customers. And after further truth clarification, the people began to understand more about Falun Gong. Some of them said, "We like the way you have conducted business--always look after the interest of the customers first. We have never met such good businessmen."