(Clearwisdom.net) Brookings is a college town in South Dakota. South Dakota State University, the largest university in the state, is located here. The university held its annual homecoming parade on November 1. Beside local residents and students, many people from neighboring towns also came to watch the parade. The Homecoming Parade is a good opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of Dafa for local residents.

This is the second time that we have participated in this parade. Because the parade organizers didn't know about Dafa last year, for a long time our application was not approved. Through clarifying the truth and sending righteous thoughts, they eventually allowed us to participate. The beauty of Dafa then left them with a profound impression. This year, the organizers sent us an invitation to the parade beforehand.

Local practitioners and practitioners from neighboring states worked together to make a beautiful float. Four female practitioners put on the colorful, elegant Tang Dynasty dresses. Our group was very eminent in the long parade procession and gave the spectators a marvelous sight. Many in the audience reacted with delight upon seeing our procession.

Because this parade is the biggest one in the state, the largest TV stations broadcast this event live all over the state.

The weather forecast indicated that there would be heavy snow during the parade and the days before the parade. After we sent righteous thoughts, the snow did not come on the day of the parade. To clarify truth to people and display the beauty of Dafa is the most sacred and righteous thing. Once again we experienced the mighty power of Dafa.