Changlinzi Labor Camp in Harbin City has detained male practitioners from seven areas and twelve districts in Harbin city since March of 2000. Various means of brutal torture have taken place there. The persecution there has been especially escalated since mid-September 2002, when Jiang issued a secret order before the Sixteenth Party's Congress.

The director of the fifth team (the forced-brainwashing team), Zhao Shuang, ruthlessly tortures practitioners. He has been nicknamed "Slapper Zhao" because he often beats up practitioners. He incites inmates and police to torture practitioners with unspeakable methods. The following are the methods he uses:

1. Forcefully Pushing and Splitting

All practitioners who refuse to give up their belief suffer this torture. Several inmates forcefully push the practitioner face down onto the ground with his arms behind his back. With one inmate stepping on his head and neck and another sitting on his lower body, they push the practitioner's arms up and forward. Another two inmates would grasp both of the practitioners legs and forcefully push them both upwards and outwards simultaneously. Practitioners usually become crippled after this torture. Some are unable to walk for a long time.

2. Shocking with Electric Batons

They shock practitioners on the parts of their body with soft tissue and sensitive parts with 10000 volt electric batons. Sometimes they use three of them simultaneously to shock practitioners on their armpits, mouths, and private parts. Practitioner Wen Zhenguo's mouth was swollen as a result of this torture.

3. Hanging Up

They leave practitioners hanging up in the shape of cross for a long time. Practitioner Huang Tiecheng has suffered this torture.

4. Burning

Zhao Shuang burns practitioners with cigarettes. One time he tortured nineteen-year-old practitioner Yang Xueqiu with a cigarette until his mouth was severely burned.

5. Swinging

They handcuff both of the practitioner's hands and ankles and hang them up. Police then push them so that the practitioner's body swings back and forth while the handcuffs cut into the flesh. Many practitioners have suffered this very cruel torture.

6. Nailing

They stab nails into practitioners' fingernails. Practitioner Xu Zhenfeng has suffered this torture.

7. Scrubbing

Practitioners are pushed down to the ground and have their shirt ripped off. They then scrub practitioners under their rib cages with wooden sticks until they become black and blue. They become very swollen and painful.

8. Freezing

During the coldest times in winter, they rip the clothes off practitioners and pour cold water on them and then force them to stand near an open window. Practitioner Zhang Xiangfu has suffered this torture.

9. Iron chair

Practitioners were tied to an iron chair for several days without being released. They not only suffer from swollen legs and feet but also are not allowed to use the toilet. Practitioner Wei Yunge was forced to have a bowel movement on the chair and was not released until it became dry. Several days later when he was finally released from the iron chair, the feces had become so dry that he had difficulty scrubbing it off.

10. Striking

They strike practitioners with a 3-foot stool. The stool is covered with bloodstains. They broke eight such stools. Many practitioners have experienced this.

11. Squatting

Practitioners were forced to squat from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. They will be subjected to other tortures if they still refuse to give up Falun Gong.

12. Having Cold Water Poured on Them

They pour cold water on practitioners in fall and winter. They pour water on them again as soon as their clothes begin to dry. Sometimes they even soak their coat and pants and try to force them to denounce Falun Gong.

13. Gripping

They grip practitioners' testicles. It is truly despicable. Zhao Shuang tortures many practitioners, including Zang Dianyong, this way. Zang Dianyong still suffers from pain more than a year later

The fifth team is a team where they mix practitioners and other inmates. Under Zhao Shuang's order of "torturing them to death if they refuse to transform," every inmate can beat up and insult practitioners. The items that are sent to practitioners by their families are confiscated.

Yang Yu, who used to be the former Assistant Director of the Office of Education, was promoted to the director of the fourth team because he brutally tortured practitioners. Along with police officer Hao Wei, they insult and body search practitioners at will. They even took away the 30 Yuan Wang Yunguang had when he was released. During the time when SARS was rampant, practitioners were forced to work from 3:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. In addition, they were assigned more work than they were able to complete. They have to work overtime if they are unable to get it done on time. If they still could not finish it, they would get beaten up.

All families visiting practitioners are allowed to see them only after the family members sign their names on a sheet that denounces Falun Gong. They also deny any medical treatment outside of prison even if practitioners have severe health problems. During the last year, at least five practitioners have been tortured to death, including Zhou Jingsen, a professor at Harbin Management University. Many other practitioners were handicapped as a result of torture.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg. The actual torture is far more severe than this.

The phone number of

The fifth team in Changlinzi labor camp: 86-451-82037105

The forth team in Changlinzi labor camp: 86-451-82037104