(Clearwisdom.net) Using the lawsuit to eliminate and restrain the evil is one approach that we have adopted to clarify the truth during the Fa-Rectification. We would like to clarify the truth clearly via this approach and create an impact on society.

How do we keep the lawsuit going forward? The only effective way is to clarify the truth from all perspectives.

When the governments and the people in the world recognize the evil nature of this persecution, it will make no difference whether the court decides to try or not to try the case. Thus, no matter whom we contact, either the individuals or the governments, we must clarify the truth.

Our focus is to clarify the truth and we keep the lawsuit moving forward by clarifying the truth. As to what we can accomplish eventually, we are not attached to it. Our goal is that we must clarify the truth.

All the lawsuits are for clarifying the truth, rather than vice-versa. But when we truly clarify the truth and help many people see the truth, they will naturally be able to make the operational procedures in the court move forward. Every bit of progress in the lawsuit is not because our operational approach is unique. Instead it is the result of participation of all practitioners' righteous thoughts as one body, and the certain scope that we can reach to clarify the truth.

We are using the chance of the lawsuits to clarify the truth to people in the related fields. It is the same as using cultural and art performances to clarify the truth to people in the world of literature and art. It is the same as using academic seminars and conferences to clarify the truth to scholars in the world of academia. It is the same as participating in United Nations related events to clarify the truth to their members. Thus, we have to fully use the time when the lawsuit is in the process and use the prosecution articles in the lawsuits to state the facts, raise questions, and give explanations and debate to the groups and people involved in the legal profession.

We will then be able to help society think more deeply about the persecution. These by themselves are all the processes of clarifying the truth and we must not miss any of these good opportunities. The process is the most important because it offers salvation to sentient beings as part of the process of Fa-rectification.

Some practitioners thought that we should not be attached to the result of the court's decision. We should just do it and should not discuss the issue of success or failure. When we have done it well, we will win the lawsuit. This is like a case mentioned by Master that a person thought if he was not attached to his diseases and if he cultivated well, Master would cure his diseases. The fact is that the root attachment is still there.

This is actually not a simple issue. It is an issue pertaining to whether we are on the right path of our Fa-rectification cultivation. Our goal is very clear in that we are to clarify the truth and offer salvation to all sentient beings. If we forget or deviate from this focus, we then cannot truly get anything done well enough to truly meet the standards of Fa-rectification. Sometimes, we even bring about unexpected losses. Miracles happen as a result of righteous thoughts and righteous actions as one body without loopholes, rather than as a result of perfectly covering up our root attachments.

Many practitioners share the same understanding and intention to clarify the truth from all perspectives, but while facing the actual process, their mind is often moved by the details of the technical operation, i.e. being moved and restrained by ordinary people's requirements.

They then spent a lot of time and energy to resolve those technical issues, and forget to consider how to truly reach the result of clarifying the truth in the large scale from all perspectives. In this regard, Teacher has pointed out the lessons and experiences that we have had with the example of the UN Commission on Human Rights in the last three years. We should learn from this lesson to improve our way of thinking, and positively manifest our improvement in our actions.