(Clearwisdom.net) China's Shenyang Dabei female prison has been using prisoners to perform slave labor up to 15 hours per day. In this high pressure environment, the prisoners have been known to sleep only 1-2 hours on the worst days. Under the heavy workload that overwhelms the body's capacity, prisoners often find it hard to catch their breath and some frequently pass out in the sweatshop. The prison police frantically pursue economical gains and try hard to squeeze more work out of the prisoners, no matter how young or old. The No.8 prison division has more prisoners in their teens. Their division chief, Ms. Zuo Xiaoyan, and the prison police under her are very vicious to the young females, as they strike and beat them and apply harsh methods for obtaining extra forced labor. Each young prisoner is carrying the workload of 2 to 3 persons. When they do not finish their assignments, they receive physical punishments, including kicking, being forced to squat for long periods of time, and being hit with electric batons. There have been fines and deductions for meals. Everyday in the sweatshop one can hear the dreadful sounds of hitting and scolding as well as sizzling sounds from the electric batons.

As for detained dafa practitioners who behave according to "Truthfulness -- Compassion -- Forbearance," the prison police persecute them even worse and more cruelly. The following are a few snapshots of what has been happening:

  1. Dafa practitioner, Ms. Liu Liyun, 44, was a resident of Yangjiazhuangzi economic development district in Huludao City. She was tortured to death on 7/23/2002 at the prison, but the prison claimed that Ms. Liu died of some disease. An insider revealed that actually the prison personnel beat her to death. Ms. Liu's father saw her remains in a dimly lit room with lights intentionally kept low. They did not allow him to inspect the corpse but only to catch a glimpse of her face. Ms. Liu Liyun's head seemed to be very swollen. After the viewing, prison authorities rushed to have her body cremated so as to destroy the physical evidence of their atrocity.
  2. Ms. Gu Changqin, 48, was a medical doctor at Huludao City's Gang Gaoling village. Due to her practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Gu was sent to this prison in 2002. She has been tortured to the extent that her body is emaciated and she has difficulty eating. Her daughter has tried to rescue her but the prison will not set her free. Ms. Gu is still suffering terribly at the Shenyang Dabei female prison.
  3. From Panjin, practitioner Ms. Li Fengshu; from Shenyang, practitioners Ms. Li Liming and Ms. Li Dongqing; and from Xingcheng, practitioner Ms. Song Caihong--all these practitioners are still being tortured severally and brutally at the Dabei female prison due to their firm belief in "Truthfulness -- Compassion -- Forbearance." Because of their not giving up Dafa practice, these practitioners are still being punished physically, beaten and scolded, and shocked by electric batons.