On the 30th of September 2002, Mr. Qu Yanlai, a Falun Gong practitioner and graduate of Shanghai's Jiaotong University was forcibly kidnapped from his home. Ever since then, he has been on a hunger strike to protest the illegal arrest and detention.

Qu Yanlai has never wavered in his belief in Dafa. Because he refused to write a declaration defaming Dafa he has experienced various forms of torture. As a result, he suffered internal bleeding in his stomach for a period of four months, which caused him great physical and mental suffering. However, the police never informed his family of his serious condition, nor did they allow anybody to visit him. The money his family sent him to purchase necessary living items in the prison was also confiscated.

Qu Yanlai was detained in the Putuo District Detention Center in Shanghai for five and a half months before he was illegally sentenced to 5 years in prison and transferred to Tilanqiao Prison. Before he left the detention center, he gave some of his clothes to the inmates in his cell.

After learning of his sentence, Qu Yanlai's family was in great sorrow.

Currently Qu Yanlai is in the Shanghai Prison Hospital due to his health condition.

Please send forth righteous thoughts to clear away all the old forces which are persecuting Dafa practitioner Qu Yanlai so that he can return to his rightful place in Fa rectification.

Attached are the telephone numbers of the responsible people and departments:

Wu Zhiming, director general of Shanghai Police Department
Kong Xianming, Zhu Yinglei, deputy director general of Shanghai Police Department
Add: 185 Fuzhou Rd, Shanghai, Postal Code: 200002
Tele: 86-21-63294000
Web site: http://police.stc.sh.cn/

Shanghai Prison Management Bureau
Qiao Yesheng, director general
Zhang Ling: Party secretary
Add: 147 Changyang Rd. Shanghai
Tele: 86-21-35104888

Wei Wei, President of Shanghai Prison Hospital
Fu Jianxin, Vice-President of Shanghai Prison Hospital
Add: 147 Changyang Rd. Shanghai, Postal Code: 200082
Tele: 86-21-65419233-6000