November 19, 2003


I know a practitioner, Mr. Rong (not his real name), who is very determined. He was unjustly sentenced to one year in a labor camp because he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. During his detention, he never succumbed to wicked people. After he was released from the labor camp he openly and aboveboard again plunged into the stream of Fa-rectification.

One day in 2000, Mr. Rong and Ms. Guo Yaling (who died from persecution in Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp, Changcun City. See went to the countryside to clarify the truth of Falun Dafa. They were arrested by the local police, after being reported by misguided persons. They were detained in the local detention center. Mr. Rong persisted in studying the Falun Dafa teachings and practicing the exercises in the detention center. Meanwhile, he was constantly clarifying the truth about Falun Gong to police and inmates everywhere and on any occasion. For doing so, he suffered brutal persecution. However, Mr. Rong was unaffected by any outside conditions and remained determined in his cultivation of Dafa. Later, studying the Fa and doing Falun Gong exercises became permissible in this detention center. Thereafter, he was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. Mr. Rong sent forth righteous thoughts to thwart the persecution. As a result, he was released, because the labor camp refused to admit him. Other practitioners told Mr. Rong to hide away on some sensitive dates such as national celebrations [when the government would tighten security]. However, with righteous thoughts and actions, he never hid. Instead, he clarified the truth to colleagues and neighbors during these celebrations. When misguided people went to his house to harass him, he clarified the truth to them face to face.

In September 2003, Mr. Rong and another practitioner went to a village to distribute Falun Dafa truth materials. The other practitioner was reported to the police while he distributed truth-clarifying materials. The policemen chased after them in their car. The other practitioner ran in the front and Mr. Rong was in the back. Suddenly, Mr. Rong saw that the policemen were dragging the other practitioner towards the police car. Mr. Rong thought to himself, "Dafa practitioners are one body. I cannot leave, while my fellow practitioner is being persecuted." He rode his bicycle to the police car. While he was trying to pull back the fellow practitioner, he clarified the truth to the young police officers.

One policeman asked Mr. Rong, what he was doing and he told him that it was none of his business. Mr. Rong solemnly told the police: "I am also a Falun Dafa practitioner. What you are doing is assisting the evil!" The policeman was very angry and couldn't even speak a word. He pulled out his handgun and pointed it at Mr. Rong's forehead and said: "How dare you. You dare to turn yourself in?" Mr. Rong spoke sternly with a strong sense of justice: "Put down your gun. The weapon in your hand should be pointed at lawless people. I didn't do anything illegal. On the contrary, I am doing the most sacred thing. Aren't you ashamed of yourself treating kind common people like this?" The policeman put down his handgun, but still constrained the other practitioner. Mr. Rong stood between them and resisted the policeman firmly. The young policeman didn't want to give up and asked Mr. Rong: "If you tell me your real name and address, I will let him go." Without hesitation, Mr. Rong told the police his name and address. The police asked, "Are you telling me the truth?" Mr. Rong replied: "We genuine Falun Dafa practitioners would not tell you this information if we didn't want to. If we say any word, it must be true." Shocked by Mr. Rong's righteousness, the policeman said: "I believe you this time." The two policemen drove away.

One week later, the two policemen, who were trying to arrest Mr Rong and the other practitioner, came to Mr. Rong's home. Mr. Rong thought to himself, I must actively eliminate the forces that influence these men, while he opened the door for the policemen. One of the policemen said: "We released you a week ago, why don't you have any expression of thanks. Today, we come to see you." Mr. Rong realized that these two policemen didn't feel content, since they did not receive any money from the practitioners.

While Mr. Rong was sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind them, he was continuously clarifying the truth to the two policemen. Many people gathered around them. The two policemen tried very hard, but failed to drag Mr. Rong into the police car. The policemen then begged Mr. Rong: "My big brother, [a Chinese slang to call somebody of intimacy], please help us save face. Come into the car and we will let you go in a minute." While Mr. Rong was clarifying the truth to the other people, he warned the policemen sternly: "I cannot cooperate with you today. I cannot assist your unlawful unchecked action, while you should uphold the law. Suddenly, Mr. Rong's wife and son came to condemn the policemen's illegal action. Sensing that the policemen were acting like abductors, the people around started to condemn their action. Realizing that Mr. Rong was unshakable and that this incident could not be ended easily, the two policemen called 110 [an emergency phone number like 911 in the USA]. Over ten more policemen came. They lifted Mr. Rong into the police car. In the police car, Mr. Rong continuously clarified the truth to the policemen and advised them not to assist the evil that guided them. They took Mr. Rong to the police station and interrogated him there. Mr. Rong said: "I won't tell you anything. If you insist that I must write, the only thing I can tell you is that Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa [law and principles] that can save people." The interrogating policeman could do nothing but write "Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa that can save people." in the trial notes.

Mr. Rong's wife came to deliver his personal items. Mr. Rong said: "What are these for? I am going home in just a few minutes. Wait for me at home." His wife left with the items. Just a few steps later, she surprisingly found that Mr. Rong was waiting for her at the roadside. It turned out that right after she left the police station, Mr. Rong escaped calmly in front of the eyes of three policemen. He is still doing his work of clarifying the truth and saving people. The policemen knew clearly that Mr. Rong went home after he escaped. Shocked by his righteousness, they never come to his home to harass him.