Police from a "610 Office" found many Falun Dafa materials in my home this year, so they arrested me and deprived me of my right to sleep. I stared at them, while sending forth righteous thoughts every moment. They tried to burn my face with a cigarette and poke my eyes, but they failed because my righteous thoughts were very strong. Instead, the police felt miserable and kept complaining. I sent forth righteous thoughts with my right palm erect. I came back home in a dignified manner because I never cooperated with the evildoers.

I went on a hunger strike as soon as they arrested me and brought me to the detention center. Every day, I requested to be released and sent home. The vicious police said, pretending to care about me, that they had many means for dealing with hunger strikes. They said that in order to make sure that I didn't die, they would force-feed me. I put down my attachment to life and death immediately, and decided to go on a hunger strike without any pursuit. I felt that Master was watching me nearby.

The police in the detention center did not dare to go near me, so they forced prisoners to beat me, and threatened to punish the prisoners if they didn't. The prisoners said to me, "They have no way to deal with you. All they can do is take out their anger on us. If we do not beat you up, we will be put in handcuffs, deprived of sleep, or forced to do more labor. But knowing that you are a Falun Gong practitioner, we cannot beat you without worry." While I sent forth righteous thoughts in my heart, I said to the prisoners, "I can be sure that you will not be punished. You see they said they would force-feed me the next day, but they have always forgotten about it." One prisoner was only punished by being forced to stand for 2 minutes (they did not beat him up). There were other lessons to learn during the hunger strike: once when I thought to drink a little water during the hunger strike, they immediately pulled me out to be force-fed.

I felt miserable on the fifth day of my hunger strike. I felt much better after passing this trial. I stopped feeling the need to eat on the eighth day, but my mouth was very dry in the hot weather. My tongue surface felt like rice particles, and my lips peeled layer after layer. After more than 10 days, I no longer felt the need to drink water. Sometimes I felt I was dying during the hunger strike, and found it hard to endure one more minute. I lost the feeling of temperature differences, pain or itching. I saw myself very powerful in other realms. I felt in the human world a feeling of being washed clean of all dirty thoughts.

During the detention, I wondered why the detention center was so evil. One reason was that there were vicious police; another reason was the criminals, such as the drug addicts, burglars, and murderers that were locked up. I knew that evil lived there to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. I had felt the pressure when I arrived, and I made a wish to clean the place.

My experience helped me enlightened to the truth that Falun Dafa practitioners with righteous thoughts and righteous actions cannot be manipulated by any one. The evil is nothing. Only Master can save us. If we place our hopes in ordinary people, no matter how high the ranking, how huge the network, or how rich the person, it will only achieve the opposite result.