(Clearwisdom.net) At of the end of October 2003, based on investigations done through means available to the general public, there have been at least 816 confirmed deaths of Falun Gong practitioners in China. This is the direct result of the brutal persecution initiated by Jiang's regime. These deaths occurred across over thirty provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities. In Heilongjiang Province alone, 131 residents who practice the Falun Gong principles of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance were tortured to death for their beliefs. That is 16.1% of the total number of deaths, the highest in the nation.

Since July 20, 1999, the authorities in Heilongjiang province have implemented Jiang's policy of eradicating Falun Gong, following such official directives as "any death of Falun Gong practitioners by authorities shall be counted as suicide," "the body shall be directly cremated without need to confirm identification or notify family," and "defame their reputation, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically." These officials have become the vanguard of Jiang's regime on the persecution of Falun Gong.

Heilongjiang province's former Communist Party Secretary, Xiu Youfang, former governor, Tian Fengshan, and others are corrupt officials who have brought calamity to their country and their people. They spared no effort in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Xiu Youfang once proclaimed, "No method is too extreme for Falun Gong,". Both Xiu and Tian were removed from their posts due to corruption charges. It is not a surprise that under their leadership, the provincial government have been escalating the persecution against Falun Gong.

Even now, some officials in Heilongjiang province are still following Jiang's directives, that are not supported by law or the constitution, without learning their lessons from Xiu Youfang and Tian Fengshan. However, If those officials do not come to realize the truth soon, along with Jiang, they will be swept away as rubbish in history and also receive their karmic retribution for the wrongdoings they have perpetrated on innocent people.

According to statistics from the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, over 800 Falun Gong practitioners have died after being arrested. At least 6,000 practitioners have been unlawfully sentenced to prison, and over one hundred thousand practitioners have been sent to forced labor camps. A several thousand Falun Dafa practitioners have been sent to mental hospitals although they have no history of mental illness and forcibly injected with chemicals that harmed their central nervous systems. Many, many Falun Gong practitioners have been kidnapped by the authorities and sent to brainwashing centers around the country, and subjected to mental abuses. Many of them have been beaten, physically abused, and have had exorbitant sums of money extorted from them by these so-called "law enforcers." Because the state directed terror that has been created to incite hatred against Falun Gong and carried out by Jiang's regime, Falun Gong practitioners are routinely beaten to death, many of them have lost their family members to the persecution and implication policies of Jiang's regime, and many have been forced to leave their homes to avoid further unlawful arrest. Family members, friends, and colleagues of Falun Gong practitioners are implicated and brainwashed to various degrees.

The persecution of Falun Gong is at its worst in Heilongjiang province. Harbin's Wanjia Labor Camp, The Harbin Rehabilitation Center, The Heilongjiang Women Prison, The Daqing Labor Camp, and Daqing's Hongweixing Brainwashing Center are all located in Heilongjiang province, and they are internationally well known as the operation bases from which the Jiang regime launches the persecution on Falun Gong. History will soon uncover the brutal tactics and the personnel responsible that Falun Gong practitioners have been routinely subjected to in these places.

List of Falun Gong practitioners died of persecution in Heilongjiang province (131 people):

Harbin City (27 people)
1. Ms. Bi Yunping; 2. Female practitioner (name unknown); 3. Female practitioner (name unknown); 4. Ms. Fu Guilan; 5. Ms. He Jun; 6. Ms. He Caibin; 7. Mr. Kong Deyi; 8. Mr. Kong Fanzhe; 9. Mr. Li Wenrui; 10. Ms. Liu Jinling; 11.Ms. Liu Limei; 12. Mr. Lu Liangui; 13. Ms. Meng Xianzhi; 14. Ms. Qin Shuyan; 15. Mr. Ren Pengwu; 16. Mr. Tian Baobin; 17. Ms. Wang Xiuying; 18. Mr. Wang Honggang; 19. Mr. Wang Wenxue; 20. Mr. Wang Yongcheng; 21. Mr. Wei Shujiang; 22. Mr. Wu Qingxiang; 23. Mr. Yang Bin; 24. Mr. Yu Zhengyi; 25. Mr. Yu Guanyun; 26. Ms. Chao Shuhong; 27. Mr. Zhou Jinseng.

Daqing City (21 people)
1. Ms. Chen Qiulan; 2. Ms. Cui Xiaojuan; 3. Mr. He Huajiang; 4. Mr. Hua Haiyu; 5. Mr. Li Baoshui; 6. Mr. Li Xiaorong; 7. Ms. Li Xiufen; 8. Ms. Liu Tongling; 9. Ms. Lu Xiuyun; 10. Mr. Lu Bingshen; 11. Mr. Niu Huaiyi; 12. practitioner (name unknown); 13. Mr. Wang Bin; 14. Ms. Wang Shuqin; 15. Mr. Wang Keming; 16. Ms. Ye Xiufeng; 17. Mr. Yu Yongquan; 18. Ms. Zhang Tieyan; 19. Ms. Zhang Weixin; 20. Ms. Zheng Wenqin; 21. Mr. Shang Guangshen.

Shuangcheng City (13 people)
1. Mr. Zhang Tao; 2. Mr. Jiang Liguo; 3. Ms. Liu Jie; 4. Mr. Liu Qinjiu; 5. Mr. Tan Chengqiang; 6. Mr. Tong Wencheng; 7. Mr. Wang Jinguo; 8. Ms. Wang Xiulan; 9. Mr. Wu Baowang; 10. Mr. Zang Dianlong; 11. Mr. Zhang Shengfan; 12. Ms. Zhao Yayun; 13. Mr. Zhou Zhichang.

Jixi City (9 people)
1. Ms. Guo Songmei; 2. Ms. Jiang Rongzhen; 3. Ms. Li Xiuqin; 4. Mr. Zhao Dong; 5. Ms. Zhao Chunying; 6. Mr. Guo Huailing; 7. Ms. Liu Guiying; 8. Mr. Yu Tianyong; 9. Ms. Zhang Yulan.

Hegang City (8 people)
1. Ms. Deng Xiangyun; 2. Ms. Du Guilan; 3. Ms. Liu Yuhong; 4. Ms. Sun Shuqin; Ms. Sun Yalan; 6. Ms. Zhang Yuzhen; 7. Mr. Zhang Zhengfu; 8. Mr. Zhan Guoxin.

Jiamusi City (8 people)
1. Mr. Bi Jiaxin; 2. Miss. Cheng Ying; 3. Ms. Li Fenghua; 4. practitioner (name unknown); 5. Ms. Tang Hong; 6. Ms. Wang Shujun; 7. Mr. Zhang Fu; 8. Ms. Chao Fulan.

Shuangyashan City (5 people)
1. Mr. Ji Songshan; 2. Mr. Li Ruqin; 3. Mr. Liu Jinshan; 4. Ms. Wu Lingxia; 5. Ms. Yi Ling.

Acheng City (4 people)
1. Ms. Bai Xiuhua; 2. Mr. Ju Yajun; 3. Mr. Li Hongbin; 4. Ms. Wang Shufang

Mudanjiang City (4 people)
1. Mr. Cui Shengyi; 2. Ms. Li Hongming; 3. Mr. Wang Xiaozhong; 4. Mr. Yu Jixing.

Qiqihar City (4 people)
1. Mr. Cao Liangyi; 2. Mr. Fu Zhiyu; 3. Mr. Wang Baoxian; 4. Mr. Wang Weihua.

Suihua City (3 people)
1. Mr. Liu Xiwen; 2. practitioner (name unknown); 3. Mr. Zhang Xiaochun

Qitaihe City (3 people)
1. Ms. Fang Cuifang; 2. Mr. Zhang Changming; 3. Ms. Zheng Libuo

Wuchang City (2 people)
1. Ms. Gao Feng; 2. Mr. Zhang Yanchao

Baiquan City (2 people)
1. Ms. Gao Hua; 2. Mr. Jiao Zhengsheng

Buoli County (2 people)
1. Ms. Lin Limei; 2. Mr. Yan Xiuzhong.

Hebei County (2 people)
1. Mr. Jia Yongfa; 2. Ms. Jia Dongmei

Huanan County (2 people)
1. Mr. Sun Jihong; 2. Ms. Yuan Hezheng;

Jidong County (2 people)
1. Ms. Liu Guihua; 2. Ms. Yang Hailing.

Yilan County (2 people)
1. Ms. Yu Shuqin; 2. Ms. Zhang Ming

Anda County (1 person)
Ms. Li Ping

Bayan County (1 person)
Mr. Deng Weinan

Hulan County (1 person)
Mr. Zhang Xuewen

Qinan County (1 person)
Mr. Liu Yan

Suiling County (1 person)
Mr. Yang Zhonghai

Yansho County (1 person)
Mr. Yang Wenhua

Yichun City (1 person)
Mr. Lu Chenglin

Zhaodong City (1 person)
Ms. Liu Xiaoling

Relevant Agencies in Helongjiang province:

Provincial Committee Office: 86-451-53640008(phone), 86-451-53640000(fax)
People's Congress Office: 86-451-53637426(phone), 86-451-53645312(fax)
Administrate Office: 86-451-82622095(phone), 86-451-82622095(fax)
Political and Judiciary Office: 86-451-823-2269(phone), 86-451-82304293(fax)

Heilongjiang province governor: Song Fatang

People's Highest Procuratorate: 86-10-65252000m 86-10-65592000
Address: 147 Beiheyan Rd, Beijing, 100726

Heilongjiang People's Procuratorate: 86-451-82622000, 86-451-82362000

Harbin 7 districts, 12 counties officials' number
Daolin District: 86-451-84512345
Daowai District: 86-451-88692345
Nangang District: 86-451-86222345
Xiangfang District: 86-451-55642345
Taiping District: 86-451-57622345
Dongli District: 86-451-82132345
Pingfang District: 86-451-86512345
Wuchang City Mayor: 86-451-53532345
Shuangcheng City Mayor: 86-451-53112345
Acheng City Mayor: 86-451-53742345
Shangzhi City Mayor: 86-451-53322345
Bayan County: 86-451-57512345
Bin County: 86-451-57902345
Yilan County: 86-451-57222345
Yanshou County: 86-451-53032345
Mulan County: 86-451-57082345
Tonghe County: 86-451-57422345
Fangzheng County: 86-451-57112345
Hulan County: 86-451-57322345