(Clearwisdom.net) Since the persecution began on July 20 of 1999, lawless officers and personnel as well as the "610 Office" authorities in Yanshi City, Luoyang District, Henan Province, have brutally persecuted Dafa practitioners. They have paraded practitioners through the streets wearing defamatory banners, in a tactic left over from the cultural revolution, and have confiscated their property. Dozens have been disabled or injured and put into forced labor education. In addition, practitioners have repeatedly been forced to attend brainwashing classes.

From March 2003 until present, Mr. Zhang Jiancheng, Mr. Duan Xianjun and Ms. Zhu Xianzhi were abducted from their homes and taken to the brainwashing class. Ms. Han Aifang was arrested because someone reported to the police that she and four other practitioners watched a VCD for clarifying the truth at her home. Ms. Han was disabled and sent to forced labor education in Eighteen Mile River after being detained in Yanshi Detention Center for a month. The other practitioners were each fined 1000 yuan [the monthly pay of an urban worker in China is about 500 yuan] after being arrested illegally. They were forced to write the "Three Statements" [Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write these as proof that they have given up their belief. Created by the "610 Office", the three statements consist of a letter of repentance, a guarantee to never again practice Falun Gong, and a list of names and addresses of all family members, friends and acquaintances who are practitioners.] before getting released.

Ms. Zhu was abducted to the brainwashing class and then went on a hunger strike for four days. At that time, she was able to walk out from the brainwashing class as a result of righteous thoughts. "610 Office" authorities forced the Hou Village Council to spend over one hundred thousand yuan in tracing Ms. Zhu everywhere and listing her as "wanted" on the internet. They searched her relatives' and friends' homes and the homes of practitioners who got along with her in the Eighteen Mile River Detention Center, harassing them. A practitioner's home in Luoyang City was under surveillance by Yang Xiaoming, the chief of Yanshi Political Security Section. Ms. Zhu's home was under surveillance by two persons in Hou Village Police Station. Mr. Lin Wanquan, Ms. Zhu's husband, was taken away several times and questioned in an effort to bring out his wife's whereabouts. "610 Office" authorities also went to the Yanshi Second High School, where her oldest daughter, Lin Wenjuan, studied, in order to bully and threaten her into revealing her mother's whereabouts. Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Yingkuan was ordered to stop working for ten days and forced to search for Ms. Zhu and turn her in to the authorities. He was threatened that if he could not find her, the authorities would not release his wife, Ms. Hou Huanfang. The authorities also established a special case team for this effort.

In April, eight practitioners in Shouyang Mountain Town were abducted and every one was fined from ten thousand to twenty thousand yuan. They were sent to Eighteen Mile River for one and a half year's forced labor education after being detained in the detention center for a month. Five persons were returned due to poor health and only one person was kept there. The five persons were not allowed to go home but were sent to the brainwashing class in the Huaxia Hotel for two or three months. Ms. Hou Huanfang and Ms. Zhang Huiqing were detained in Yanshi Detention Center for half year. On October 10, the criminal section of Yanshi City Court sentenced Ms. Hou to four year's imprisonment and Ms. Zhang to three years' imprisonment.

Before October 1, Li Yanzhen and Zhang Jinjiang who are workers in Yanshi Flour Factory, as well as Zhang Jiahua and Zhang Taisheng who are farmers in Shouyang Mountain Town, were abducted at home to the brainwashing class in Yanshi Huaxi Hotel. The Village Police Station assigned special persons to "assist and educate" all of them. The "610 Office" in Yanshi City ordered the Village Council to provide ten thousand yuan, in order for "610 Office"authorities and those in city-level and town-level government to freely spend while attending the persecution sessions of Falun Gong practitioners. Besides earning their own normal salary, they did not have to pay for board and lodging. Every person also could earn 20 yuan in subsidies every day. The daily cost was several thousand yuan just to provide them with board and lodging. They also encouraged staff officers and personnel in village government to attend the persecution. They persecuted virtuous practitioners using the people's money earned by hard toil.

Vicious persons attending persecution:

The head of "610 Office", Han Guoqing: 86-13938816512(C), 86-379-7730810(W)

Secretary of Political and Judiciary Committee, Zhang Qinghua: 86-13838895986(C)

Dean of Police Department, Zhu Laiguo: 86-13939910001(C)

Vice-dean of Police Department, Zhi Jianzhao: 86-13903799308(C)

The other persons who attend persecution:

Chiefs of Political Security Session in Yanshi City Police Department, Yang Xiaoming, Yang Juhuan, Zhang Baoming

Vicious policemen, Ma Weiwei, Zhang Changbin

Secretary of Yanshi City Committee, Gui Yuqiang; vice-secretary: Zhang Zhentao

Mayor: Yuan Wentao

Chairman of Political Consultation Conference, Niu Wenqing

Director of People's Congress, Wei Xizhen

Director of Criminal Section in Yanshi City People's Court, Wang Zhenglin (who mainly sentenced Falun Gong practitioners), 86-379-7722486

Director of Shanhua Village Police Station, Liu Xianming: 86-137037991158

Head of "610 Office" in Hou Village, Ma Xianwu