November 8, 2003


The Dafa Practitioners listed below were sentenced to the following prison terms:

Ms. Tang Sulan, 7 years; Ms. Xiao Jiying, 7 years; Ms. Duan Shiqiong, 7 years (tortured to death); Ms. Peng Qiongxian, 7 years; Ms. Li Suhua, 7 years; Ms. Xie Caile, 5 years; Ms. Xie Xianzhi, 5 years; Mr. Tang Jian, 10 years; Mr. Xu Kaifang, 3.5 years (was forced to give up Falun Gong); Mr. Liu Hui, 4 years; Mr. Gu Qun, 3 years; Ms. Yang Xiuqing, 3 years; Ms. Liu Xiaojun, 3 years; Ms. Du Peiyang, 3 years; Ms. Xiao Shuhua, 3 years; Ms. Fang Jing, 3 years; Ms. Xia Yongrong, 3 years; Ms. Hu Jinhua, 3 years.

Persecution at Chengdu City Detention Center

1. Interrogation outside of the detention center

Police blindfolded Dafa practitioners and led them to an outside hotel room where they tied the handcuffed practitioners to a heavy chair and interrogated them day and night. The abusive authorities don't allow practitioners to sleep. Even closing their eyes for a brief moment is forbidden. Oftentimes several police officers took turns interrogating one practitioner. These officers often used physical abuse and torment such as slapping, shocking with an electric stun baton, handcuffing, and hanging up, which are the most commonly used tortures. Sometimes the police also beat practitioners in the detention center investigation room.

2. Torture inside the detention center

A. Force-feeding and murder: The detention center used forced feeding to torture practitioners who were on hunger strikes. This lead to several deaths: Ms. Huang Lisha and Ms. Hu Hongyue were killed as a result of forced feeding through their nostrils in September and October of 2002. Both victims refused to tell their names to the detention center authorities which caused them to be tortured via force feeding.

B. Inciting criminal inmates to mistreat and torture Dafa practitioners.

C. Torturing the most determined Dafa practitioners over a long time period. Ms. Zhu Junxiu and Ms. Yu Hongyan were forced to wear handcuffs and shackles for extended periods of time. The police did not allow anyone to talk to Ms. Zhu. Anyone caught talking to her was severely punished.

D. Extend persecution to non-practitioner inmates. Thanks to Dafa practitioners' efforts to clarify the facts, many inmates came to understand the truth about Dafa. They are no longer willing to give practitioners a hard time. Sometimes they even helped the practitioners, but some police officers set up a rule. Those who turned a blind eye when practitioners practiced Falun Gong were punished by being forced to work at night, hand copying prison rules and code of conduct, and other degrading tasks.

3. Name list of Dafa practitioners who were detained in the detention center without trial or formal sentencing:

Ms. Yu Hongyan, an accountant at Sanya Airlines, studied in Germany before returning to China. She was bound in torture devices for 2-3 months. Once when she shouted, "Falun Dafa is good," the police punished her by covering her entire face except eyes and nose with packaging tape. To protest the mistreatment, she went on a hunger strike for over 20 days.

Several Sichuan University faculty members have been detained since November 2002:

Ms. Yang Jinxia is a professor in her 50's. She was arrested at her home.

Mr. Luo Ping is a foreign language teacher.

Ms. Fang Hui is in her 40's. She has a master's degree and teaches foreign language.

Mr. Wang Haipao, Ph.D, is in his 40's. Dr. Wang is an associated professor of computer science in the math department.

At the end of September 2002, Ms. Zhu Junxiu was arrested together with several other practitioners at her company's retail store. Now all are detained at Chengdu City Detention Center.

Ms. Zhu Jiunxiu's niece, Ms. Liu Yanyu, is not a Dafa practitioner. Because she lived in Zhu's house, the police also arrested her and later sent her to a labor camp.

Due to unsanitary conditions in the center, many practitioners suffered from scabies. Mr. Gu Qun was severely infected with scabies and blister boils, and almost died from a systemic infection. Even today his body is still covered with scars.

Mr. Liu Hui was infected with scabies and suffered from kidney deterioration. His body and face were so swollen that people didn't recognize him. Despite this, he held a hunger strike for over 20 days. He has now been sent to a forced labor camp.

Many practitioners who refused to tell their names are also detained in the detention center. Many of them have been detained over the maximum time they can legally be held. The police could not bring charges against them, but they refuse to release them.