Li Wusheng was a middle-aged staff member in the town government of Langchi Town, Yingshan County, Sichuan Province. He persecuted Dafa practitioners using extremely vicious means. He beat a pregnant female practitioner, forced Dafa practitioners to attend brainwashing classes, and instigated other colleagues to brutally beat Dafa practitioners. A Dafa practitioner's family member asked him why he beats practitioners. He shouted, "Watch it, I will beat you too!" In April 2001, he was involved in a bike accident where he hit his head against a wall and died.

Yang Liupei was the former Secretary of the Yishan County Committee, Sichuan Province before the end of 2002. Later, he resigned as the Secretary of the Gaoping District Committee, Nanchong City. Since 1999, he has always been involved in directing the persecution of local Dafa practitioners. He cooperated with Jiang's illegal orders and stubbornly continued to commit crimes against Dafa practitioners. Recently, he was arrested and imprisoned on corruption charges in October 2003.