(Clearwisdom.net) (Minghui Reporter Zeng Hong reported from Texas)

The "Sino-America Relationship Forum" was held early November at George Bush Library in Texas A&M University at College Station. The Texas Falun Gong practitioners used this chance to clarify truth to the attendees from China everyday.

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November 7th was the last day of the meeting. The temperature dropped quickly. The practitioners from several cities in Texas gathered at George Bush Library early in the morning. In the cold weather, they did exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts and distributed truth-clarifying materials. Some entered the meeting hall to talk to the Chinese attendees.

In the evening, they heard that the Chinese consulate would host a banquet at a local Chinese restaurant to welcome the Chinese delegation. It is a good chance to clarify truth again. The practitioners went to the restaurant and set up banners of "Falun Dafa" "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" and "China, stop persecuting Falun Gong." Some practitioners distributed flyers to passersby. The members of China delegation could see the banners through the window. Later, the curtains were pull down and blocked the sight to outside.

Because of the welcome banquet, the restaurant was not open to public. Many customers came and only found out it at the door. The practitioners stood in the cold wind explained the reason to them, told them who were inside the restaurant, why the practitioners were there and gave out truth-clarification flyers. Some Chinese and westerners invited to the banquet saw us too and many of them took our flyers. After the banquet one American told us that he specially put the flyer on the table to let these Chinese people from Mainland to see it. He wanted to let them know that practicing Falun Gong is legal in America.

After the banquet, when the members of the delegation came out of the restaurant, they were surprised to see the practitioners were still there and saw the banners immediately. Then came the bus to pick them up. One practitioner followed the Chinese people aboard the bus and gave flyer to everyone, and placed one flyer on every empty seat. So the one who boarded the bus late could have one.

Another American told our practitioner that he knew why we were there. He knew the persecution in China. He also told the practitioners that the Secretary of State Mr. Powell stated in the Wednesday meeting that China government should respect its people's freedom of belief. He wished our endeavors would succeed soon.

In order to let more Chinese people know the truth, the practitioners stood in the cold weather for over three hours. The boss and workers at the restaurant were very moved. They were indignant and could not understand why Jiang XX wants to persecute such good people. They said they saw the hope of China from the honest Falun Gong practitioners.