In 2002, in a village in northeast China, some unknown vandals set fire to a 68-year-old female farmer's haystack. When the woman went to the local police station to report the incident, the policeman told her that there was no way to investigate. The old woman said, "You do not care about homicide or arson, but instead put all of your focus on arresting the good people, the Falun Gong practitioners, day and night. If you put the same amount of effort that you use in persecuting Falun Gong to chase the scoundrels that burned my haystack, then my case would be solved." The policeman was speechless.

One day a year later, the old woman fell into her three-meter-deep root cellar. There was no ladder in the root cellar. She was not hurt but she could not manage to get out. She screamed loudly but nobody heard. In her despair, she recalled what her daughter, who once practiced Falun Gong, told her. She then yelled, "Falun Gong Master please help me!" All of sudden she found that mysteriously she had the strength to be able to cling to the wall of the root cellar. Halfway through her climb however, she became too exhausted to continue climbing. To her surprise, she then found a stick lying horizontally on the top of the opening of the root cellar. It was close enough that she could reach it with her hands. She then grabbed the stick but she still could not pull herself up. She yelled again, "Falun Gong Master, please help me again!" Upon looking up at the opening of the root cellar she saw a rope tied to the stick. She grabbed the rope tightly in both hands as her body swung through the air. She shouted anxiously, "Falun Gong Master, please hurry up to save me!" After she shouted this she felt a strong force push her up and out of the root cellar, and she dropped safely on the ground.

After she reached home she related this special experience to her family and the people in her village. Everybody was deeply impressed by this marvelous occurrence brought about by belief in Dafa.