(Clearwisdom.net) Some published articles by our fellow practitioners are full of Teacher's quotes. It appears that this serves well to express one's own viewpoints. In exchanging their experiences, some practitioners often take Master's teachings as a vehicle to make their own points, perhaps without even realizing it. When other practitioners point out their problem or shortcoming, they often quote Teacher's words to defend themselves and to hide fundamental attachments. (Of course, this is not to exclude the legitimate cases in which one feels it's much easier to explain the profound issues within Teacher's original words. Given the nature of writing, however, it is probably not a good idea to quote Teacher excessively.)

Dafa has broad and profound inner meanings. We should not use it for our own benefit and purposes by quoting out of context, holding extreme views, or taking a one-sided view. That is disrespectful to Teacher and Dafa. On the journey to validate the Fa while truly cultivating ourselves, Teacher's Fa is enlightening us, truly penetrating into our microscopic world, and changing us fundamentally. As a result, there is nothing wrong in quoting the teachings to enlighten fellow practitioners. Nevertheless, the motives are not pure if the teachings are used in our writings to simply make our own points or present our own ideas. Unnecessarily or excessively building up our articles with Teacher's words is a manifestation of selfishness and egotism, and is an act of exploiting the Fa.

"Respecting Teacher and Dafa" should not be simply a lip service, but must be acted out full-heartedly. Every single thought in our minds must be upright, and every single act of ours must be done well. That is because all of us are Master's disciples and beings made by the greatest Fa. Every single act of ours now shows the images of Dafa disciples in the human world. Whatever we do now in this important time period is a reference for future beings, and will have a profound historical significance.

Dafa is serious and cannot be taken advantage of by any human notions. We must not use Dafa for ourselves. Instead, we must unconditionally assimilate ourselves to Dafa. Every step of ours has to be solid, and has to be upright.