(Clearwisdom.net) Since March 2003, the Banqiao Forced Labor Camp has been conducting a so-called "Law Study Class" to brainwash Falun Gong practitioners. Camp officials attempt to force practitioners to read anti-Falun Gong propaganda day and night. If a practitioner resists in any way, guards including Zhang Qiuhai, Liu Tie, Zhang Lizhi, Hua Dui, Sun Lianyuan, Da Liudui, etc, shock them with electric batons. Practitioners have also been insulted and beaten by the inmates Wang Jinbao, Zhang Changchun, Su Guoqiang and Wu Kailong, etc.

While he was detained, Mr. Du Yinhui, a university student, developed a severe case of scabies with open sores. This did not stop the camp guards Zhang Qiuhai and Zhang Lizhi from continuously shocking him with electric batons over his entire body. He was also badly beaten by several criminal inmates, including Jiao Guohong and Li Yong, until he lost consciousness. Several hospitals refused to take him because his blood pressure had dropped to a very low level. After enduring all this, he had a mental breakdown and against his will signed a "repentance letter." Then he was allowed to see a doctor outside the prison. After he regained his freedom, he sued the Banqiao Labor Camp. The camp threatened to detain him again, forcing him to leave his home. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Mr. Chu Xudong was shocked with electric batons, beaten, and deprived of sleep for two days. After seeing that these methods of torture could not break his determination, camp guards Zhang Qiuhai, Liu Tie, Zhang Lizhi, Hua Dui incited criminal inmates Wang Jinbao, Zhang Changchun, and Su Guoqiang to publicly humiliate Chu Xudong. His current condition is unknown.

Mr. Zhang Wensheng was also forcibly held in a brainwashing class for several days. Criminal inmates kept his eyes open with a match so that he was unable to blink. He was continuously beaten in an attempt to force him to disavow his practice. His body was swollen and he could not walk. He had to be helped to the bathroom. Under such pressure they forced him to recant his belief. He was beaten again before an official meeting designed to further humiliate and reinforce that the practitioners had recanted their belief. On September 10th, Zhang Wensheng refused to write the summary of serving his terms and was further tortured and deprived of sleeping. He was recently released.

Mr. Zhao Shunli is 56 years old. He was deprived of sleep for two days while in the brainwashing class and then sent to the group leader's office. Guards Zhang Qiuhai, Liu Tie, Zhang Lizhi, Hua Dui, and Da Liudui incited criminal inmates Zhang Changchun, and Wu Kailong to curse and beat Zhao Shunli, and subsequently shock his private areas. Under this torture, Zhao Shunli was forced to disavow his practice. In July, Zhao Shunli publicly declared "the repentance letter" he signed to be null and void. He was again sent to a brainwashing class to be tortured and was forced to write a so-called "account" of his thoughts.

Names and Phone Numbers of Various Individuals and Groups Responsible for the Torture of Falun Dafa Practitioners:

Banqiao Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin City: Women No. 1 group: 86-22-63251823
Women No. 2 group: 86-22-63251423
Names and numbers of policemen: Hua Dua (male): 86-13920822253 (cellular), Yu Lu: 86-1330218765 (cellular)
Names of additional policemen: Kou Na, Li Wenjin, Yang Fengxia, Bai Hong

Shankou Forced Labor Camp in Tianjin City: Name and numbers of policemen in No. 3 group: Zhang Dongchang: 86-13802193131 (cellular)
Shi Guang: 86-13820300232 (His father Shi Dahong is the political committee leader in Qingbowa Labor Camp in Tianjin City)

The political and security department in Tianjin police department, No.4 division: 86-22-23396960
The political and security department in Tianjin police department, Nankai subdivision: 86-22-27350720
Xuefujie police station in Nankai police subdivision: 86-22-27382157, 86-22-27374488