(Clearwisdom.net) During my detention at the Fifth section of Chaoyanggou Forced Labor camp, I came to know a practitioner whose name is Yan Fu. He worked at Dayu Corporation of the First Auto of Changchun. He is a steadfast Dafa disciple. In 2001, he was transferred from Fenjin Forced Labor camp to the notorious Chaoyanggou camp. He has stayed in all sections of this forced labor camp and suffered a myriad of torture and persecution.

In April 2002, the police initiated the first intense "reform" campaign. Yan was unafraid, and the section head and the prison guard's efforts were futile. All of the prisoners had to wear a nametag that includes a photo and the description of the offense. It was stipulated that Falun Gong practitioners had to be labeled with "disrupting social order." However, Yan wrote "Falun Gong" on his nametag. The section head and prison guard asked him to change it several times. Yan said, "I do not acknowledge that I committed any crime." The section headYu and prison guard He, as well as Education Division Chief Gao, beat him and shocked him with electric batons. When Yan was hauled back on a stretcher, he smiled, even though there were injuries all over his face and body. Afterward, his nametag still displayed the words "Falun Gong." However, the section head and the guard did not bother to try to make him change it anymore.

Everyday, Dafa disciples are physically punished by being forced to sit on the bed boards from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. At the same time, some articles are read to attack Falun Dafa in order to brainwash the practitioners. However, when the criminals read those things, Yan would immediately stand up and say, "I object! I protest!" This disrupted the brainwashing, and they were unable to continue. The prison guards did not have any way to face this situation. They knew that the tortures such as electric baton shocking, bed board, pinching the flesh, dousing with cold water in the winter, cell confinement could never make Yan yield. Eventually, the prison guards gave up their so-called "re-education" in Yan Fu's section.

Every time I think of Yan Fu, before my eyes I have an image of a Dafa disciple standing righteously between heaven and earth.