The Guiyang Criminal Investigation Division of Guizhou Province fully complies with orders to persecute Falun Gong, and from the start has used many evil tricks including surveillance, pursuit, capture, and kidnapping of practitioners. These thugs who call themselves the "instruments of the dictatorship" relentlessly extort confessions by using torture when they interrogate the Falun Dafa practitioners locked in the Guiyang Number One and Number Two Detention Centers. Besides the frequently used tortures of cuffing and hanging up, [With both hands cuffed, both feet off or only toes touching the ground, one is hung from a basketball support or the beam of a house by the handcuffs. The hands and arms soon become paresthetic and numb.] whipping with a leather belt, punching and kicking practitioners, these thugs also tear up Falun Dafa books and use the most filthy language to abuse and insult Falun Dafa practitioners.

These policemen have invented a very cruel torture tool to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners, which is known as the "famous homemade steel chair of the Criminal Investigation Division." The practitioners are bound to the homemade steel chair with both of their hands tied from behind. The torture sometimes lasts for more than six hours. Once the torture starts the victim's arms instantly become red and swollen, and afterwards the victim is bruised and lacerated, or even crippled. While torturing Falun Dafa practitioners these police officers shout ferociously, "It's the orders from above, we can use all sorts of methods and measures to deal with you Falun Gong practitioners. If all this fails we can just simply drag you out and... [shoot you]"

The following is a partial list of names and telephone numbers of those who are involved in persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners in Guizhou Province:

Country code: 86, area code: 851

Head of the Guiyang No. One Detention Center: Xu Hua
Head of the Guiyang No. Two Detention Center: Luo Wen
Head of Legal Section of Dujun City Public Security Bureau: Yan Ronggui: 8222026
Self proclaimed "evil policeman" of the Guiyang Criminal Investigation Division: Chen Gang: 8866644
Preliminary Hearing Department, Guiyang: Zhu Xiaofeng
Nanming Sub-bureau of the Guiyang Public Security Bureau: Ye Fenglin and Zhou Jian

The following is a list of those involved in the illegal trials and imprisonment of eleven Falun Dafa practitioners for the so-called "crime of tapping into television:"

Chief Judge of the Wudang District Court, Guiyang City: Xu Shengying
Judges of the Wudang Distric Court, Guiyang City: Kang Yinxiang and Sun Junning
Clark of the Wudang Distric Court: Wang Xiaohui
Deputy Attorney General of the Wudang Distric, Guiyang City: Wang Lei