(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Xiaorong in Xingyang City went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong in May 2000. She was arrested there and later picked up and taken back to Xingyang by her local policemen. Upon arriving in Xingyang, she was immediately put into Sanlizhuang Detention Center, where she suffered from mal-treatment for a month. Later she was transferred to a building where she was detained for another 8 months.

On July 5, 2000, a gang of policemen suddenly burst into the book shop run by Zhang Xiaorong's husband Li Qinjun and asked him: "Are you still practicing Falun Gong?" "Yes," answered Li. So they forced him to where his wife and another 6 practitioners were detained, and put him under detention for 8 months too. The other practitioners are Ms. Shi Guihua, Mr. Zhou Huicong, Mr. Zhou Baojun, Ms. Wang Junying and Ms. Han Xiuzhi. Li's son had to take turns staying in different relatives' homes during that period.

During November and December of 2000, Zhang Xiaorong's 70-year-old father had to take care of the bookshop to maintain the business. Suddenly a gang of policemen came and claimed that there were Falun Gong materials in the bookshop. They drove the old man out and sealed the bookshop.

In February 2001, Li Qinjun and Zhang Xiaorong were sent for brainwashing in the party's training school. They were held there for over 4 months. Every day they were forced to take brainwashing classes. They were not allowed to go home to take care of their business and children.

After the couple was set free, they asked the police department to return the confiscated bookshop. They found that hundreds of Yuan were lost from the shop, and books and stationery items were stolen too. The rest of the books, which were stored in a school, were now out of date. The school asked for a huge storage fee to return the books, but the couple could not afford it.

Other cases: Dafa practitioner Ms. Cui Shuling was sentenced for 4 years because she told people the truth of Falun Gong. She was sent to Xinxiang Women's Prison. Her husband passed away long ago, and her children are in college and high school respectively. Her brothers and sisters tried to reason with the police to improve her situation, but they turned a deaf ear to their requests.

Dafa practitioners Ms. Shi Guihua and Mr. Zhou Conghui had their only bank deposit of over 2,000 Yuan stolen by police. During their labor camp period, their thousands of kilograms of wheat became mildewed. They were deprived of the right to see their children, and were frequently tortured.

Dafa practitioners Mr. Zhou Baojun and Ms. Wang Junying were put under house arrest for 8 months, and police sealed off their small shop.

Dafa practitioner Mr. Wei Chengde was detained in Sanlizhuang Detention Center for over a year. His family was fined over 10,000 Yuan (the monthly income for an average worker in China is roughly 500 Yuan) and his son was sent to labor camp for one year too.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Yunzhen and her son were forced to leave their positions in the court of the city.

The people responsible for persecution:

Zhang Zhian, former secretary of Political & Legal Committee of Xingyang: 86-371-4667816(W), 86-371-4602180(H), 86-13607651076(C);

Wang Shuangquan, secretary of Political & Legal Committee of Xingyang: 86-13703953999;

Feng Songmao, head of "610 Office": 86-13700857393(C);

Zheng Feng, head of "610 Office": 86-13803991788;

Yi Guozhu, former head of police department: 86-371-4664828(W), 86-371-2186786(H), 86-13903851888(C).

Zhang Yuzhou, head of police department: 86-371-4663171(W), 86-371-5971966(H), 86-13603863666(C).

Du Jun, Yuan Tianzeng and Qin Yueqi: vice heads of police department.

Zhang Songling, head of security branch of the police department: 86-371-4665748(W), 86-371-4695840(H), 86-13703996253(C).

Zhang Shaodong, vice head of security branch: 86-13703854119(C).