November 2, 2003

( Since the end of October, Aimin District Public Security Sub-bureau, Mudanjiang City, has been frantically arresting Dafa practitioners. At present the situation is urgent. It is known that over 100 people have been arrested, and many of them had been arrested illegally several times before. Now most of these Dafa practitioners are imprisoned in Mudanjiang Detention Center located at Xinglong Town. Because the perpetrators do not wish to have their deeds exposed, they have blocked all reporting of this event. The situation inside the detention center is not clear.

In order to shut off Dafa practitioners' contact with outside world and to prevent the news of its persecuting Dafa practitioners been leaked, the Mudanjiang "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) enforced an information blockade, and even stopped Dafa practitioners' family members from visiting for a long time. We have been hearing intermittent word of force-feeding from inside the detention center.

On August 10, 2003, Falun Gong practitioner Yu Wenyou from Zhejiang Province was tortured to death by Mudanjiang 610 officers and police. The news of this did not come out until October. So far, it is known that at least five Dafa practitioners in Mudanjiang city have died as a result of torture.

Telephone Numbers of the Perpetrators:

Party Secretary of Mudanjiang City Party Committee: 86-453-6529988

Mudanjiang City Politics Committee: 86-453-6529838 (Secretary); 86-453-6520541 (Vice secretary: Li Changqing)

610 Office:
Director Li Changqing: 86-453-6548610 (Office); 86-453-6522091 (Home)
Department of secretary: 86-453-6549610
Unified Department: 86-453-6553610

Mudanjiang City Public Security Bureau:
Director: Han Jian: 86-453-6924236 (Office); 86-453-6282015 (Home)
Politics Protection Brigade: 86-453-6282523
Aimin District Public Security Sub-bureau: 86-453-6592594
Yangming District Public Security Sub-bureau: 86-453-6331948

The First Detention Center:
Director: 86-453-6483367
Office: 86-453-6282240

The Second Detention Center: 86-453-6282239