(Clearwisdom.net) Recently some Dafa practitioners in Northeastern China successfully aired Dafa truth-clarification programs on cable TV for about 20 minutes. Further details will be reported as they become available.

Some other practitioners were able to broadcast programs about Dafa using loudspeakers.

These programs included news that Jiang has been sued in various countries, and the Practitioners' righteous acts shocked at the evil. The local government ordered the police department to search for practitioners. So far two practitioners have had their homes ransacked. One of them had Dafa books confiscated. Three practitioners were taken to the police department, where the police attempted to force them to defame Dafa. Later they were fined 1000-2000 Yuan.

Numerous meetings have been held from top to bottom in Chinese government departments to plot how to monitor practitioners. The authorities have arranged security guards to spy on practitioners.

Some schoolteachers even spread hate about Falun Gong to their students, and instructed them to tear down Dafa materials.

We hope practitioners can strengthen their righteous thoughts to eliminate these evil arrangements.