(Clearwisdom.net October 1, 2003)

Judge, members of the Jury, and those in the audience,

How are you?

My name is Wu Xuelan (female). I am 33 years old, a junior high school graduate, and a resident in Liupanshui City, Guizhou Province. I work as a small business owner. I have practiced Falun Dafa for six years. In my opinion, this is not a simple trial today, it is a trial of conscience for everyone sitting here, and it is a battle between justice and evil.

I am standing here as a defendant today, but I believe that some day, the persecutor of Falun Dafa and his accomplices will be on trial before history. As the initiator of the persecution against Falun Dafa, Jiang is already facing international trials overseas. Like the former Yugoslavian President Milosevic, Jiang must be held responsible for the crimes he has committed.

I. Legislation Concerning Falun Gong Is Unreasonable and Illegal

On April 25, 1999, ten thousand people peacefully appealed in Beijing. The reason was to peacefully protest the illegal arrest and beating of Falun Dafa practitioners in Tianjin. In fact, even before this, there were many incidents all over China where the police had harassed Falun Dafa practitioners for practicing the exercises.

On April 25, 1999, former Premier Zhu Rongji had a meeting with some Falun Dafa practitioners, peacefully resolved the problems, and the crowd dispersed. CCTV broadcasted notices from two offices of the State Department, which said Falun Gong is a legal activity that can promote public health. Meanwhile, behind closed doors, the "610 Office" was quietly established. In the past four years, this "610 Office" has spread. They have carried out one after another of this dictator's secret orders to persecute Falun Gong, such as "Deaths will be counted as suicide," and "Defame their reputations, bankrupt them financially, and destroy them physically."

I cannot forget July of 1999. The propaganda attacking Falun Gong covered the sky and earth, informing people that another nation-wide political movement had begun. All of China proper was filled with horrific scenes of Books being burned, materials destroyed, practitioners arrested, beaten, detained and sent to labor camps, and so forth. All of this happened despite the fact that there were no legal grounds.

Later, Jiang declared that Falun Gong is a cult when he was visiting France as China's head of state on October 25, 1999, thus putting himself above the law. Later on, the People's Congress passed a "law," which went through unorthodox channels, and did not mention Falun Gong.

The current rules and regulations severely violate the law and the Constitution. I am deeply regretful that I am not very knowledgeable on legal matters, otherwise I could explain in more detail why Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong was illegal from the beginning. Jiang's treatment of Falun Dafa practitioners in the past four years has put unarmed, kind folks in opposition to the government and people, a startling move.

The regulations against Falun Dafa practitioners violate the constitution. How can these be the grounds for putting Falun Dafa practitioners on trial? Besides, just for practicing Falun Dafa, and firmly holding to their beliefs, Falun Dafa practitioners have been expelled from the Party, dismissed from schools, fired from their jobs, arrested, and sent to labor camp at the police's will.

Where are the laws that protect Falun Dafa practitioners' rights?

The truth is, rules and regulations have simply become clubs in the hands of politicians, used to beat people down at will.

II. Behind Tapping into Cable TV

The first incident in which Falun Gong practitioners tapped into cable TV happened in March of 2002, and caused different reactions. We only want more people to learn the truth about Falun Dafa.

Some people did not understand us, and some said it was disruptive to people's lives. Despite the fact that the world's people are all deceived by lies, and that Falun Dafa practitioners possibly face unfair imprisonment and torture, they are nonetheless making every effort to tell people the truth and sincerely hoping that people wake up from the lies and misunderstandings. I think this sincerity should be enough to melt all the anger.

Let us take a look at the contents of a program practitioners tapped into cable TV with.

  1. The truth about the self-immolation incident. On New Year's Day of 2001, the shocking Tiananmen self-immolation occurred. Reports said that it was planned by Falun Gong. But there are too many loopholes, too many coincidences, and too many conflicts. Let us analyze them briefly:
    1. Before, there had never been self-immolation incidents in front of Tiananmen. It happened so suddenly, how come there "happened" to be a CCTV journalist there? How is it that he "happened" to film a close up, detailed shot of what took place, despite the fact that the shots were supposedly recorded by far off surveillance cameras? Police immediately used four to five big fire extinguishers to put out the fires from several directions. There is only one medium-sized fire extinguisher in each police vehicle, where did the big fire extinguishers come from?
    2. If we play the film in slow-motion, we can see that the lady who supposedly died from the self-immolation was knocked to the ground by a military officer with a heavy object.
    3. Self-immolator Wang Jindong sits up straight, but his position and hand gesture are not from Falun Gong. Why would such a "diehard believer" not know the double lotus position, instead of sitting there like a military man?
    4. After the self-immolation incident, Chinese media posted on the web the next day that "Three men and one woman self-immolated on Tiananmen Square," contrary to their usual delay in reporting the news. Later, this changed into four women and two men, adding two would-be immolators to "describe the drama." The Chinese media always puts a certain spin on things. The media is the tongue of the Central Government. It represents the opinion of officials, does not report any bad news, or reports modified news after the moral is turned upside down. They censor level after level, and then finally issue "old news." This time the in depth coverage of the self-immolation was produced within one week, prompting people to question whether it was just a new round of suppression.
    5. The most shameful point is that whoever directed the staging of the self-immolation incident had no understanding of common medical knowledge. Those patients were deeply burned, but they were put together in one room without fear of cross contamination. Their skin should have been exposed, but instead they were all bundled up like mummies, regardless of the threat of infection.
    6. As introduced by the doctor in charge, in order to have secure, unblocked breathing, Wang Jindong and the little girl Liu Siying were both given tracheotomies because of their burned throats. Normally patients cannot talk for two weeks after this operation. However, in only four days, Wang Jindong spoke with a loud voice when CCTV interviewed him, and little Siying sang a song for "Auntie." This shocked medical experts. Also, the journalist interviewed them without wearing the proper sanitary clothing or mask, and by simply holding a microphone near the burned patients. Yet, microphones are the most likely thing to carry bacteria. This was too much!
    7. The most ridiculous part is that Wang Jindong was burned to such a horrible extent, but the plastic Sprite bottle in his lap was still in perfectly good condition.

    Later, programs reviewing the "self-immolation" had all of these inconsistent parts edited out, since they blatantly revealed their lies.

    The self-immolation drama accomplished the persecutor's goal--it fanned the nation's hatred of Falun Gong. Meanwhile, people with clear minds were also wondering, "Why would Falun Gong be so dumb? Self-immolation is like lifting a rock only to drop it on ones own foot. Who is benefiting from it? If Falun Gong truly believes 'self-immolation is ascending to heaven,' how come there were no other followers there?"

    In fact, Falun Gong believes in "no killing," treats suicide as a sin, and says that people should treasure their own lives.

    Lies repeated even a thousand times will not turn into the truth, and lies can not be validated by the length in time of their deception. Jiang made a huge lie, and has tried to cover it up with more lies, how shameful!

  2. Persecution Cases. Photo after photo, true story after true story are all being collected and used to sue Jiang for his crimes. Can you not be moved by those bodies full of bruises who went through numerous rounds of torture? There have been 793 people tortured to death. A high-ranking official said in a book published overseas, Poisonous Deceit, that the real number is 7,000. Even so, this number is still rising, since the "shooting" order against Falun Dafa practitioners has been in effect for some time now. Chinese people say human rights in China are only "the right to live." Yet, who is protecting Falun Dafa practitioners' right to live? Which one of these Falun Dafa practitioners who stands besides me has not experienced torture? Their wounds on their physical bodies have healed, but what about the wounds in their hearts?
  3. In sharp contrast to China, Falun Dafa is welcomed and embraced by governments and people in over 60 countries. There are over 100 thousand practitioners in Taiwan, a place with the same origin as us. There are Falun Dafa Associations in Macao and Hong Kong, under the "One country, two systems" rule. Everyone sitting here can see for themselves when traveling, depending on whether you are inside China or outside, the same issue can be treated completely differently.

Some one misunderstood, and said Falun Gong practitioners do not love our country, and they spread our internal problems to the world. Jiang also called practitioners "anti-China." What is patriotism? The worms who eat away at a country are the ones who damage the country, while on the surface, they loudly shout patriotic slogans. Jiang sold a piece of our motherland as big as 100 Taiwan's to Russia in order to win favor. Then, he bragged about getting back fishing rights in Tumenjiang Harbor to unknowing citizens. In fact, this is equal to accepting all those unfair treaties that the Qing dynasty government signed with Russia. This is betraying the country under the banner of patriotism. Falun Dafa practitioners keep walking on the most righteous path with deep love for our country and our people. Is it patriotism to conform to the dictator, and turn a great nation with an ancient culture into a dispirited, cowardly, and conscienceless nation? If one day peace can return, and the truth revealed, then it is worth me sitting through this on the floor of a prison!

I am sincerely telling every one, you are predestined to encounter Falun Dafa practitioners today, please feel our sincerity within your hearts, so that you can be more clear-minded. I wrote this statement in one month. I would be most satisfied if you could understand our true feelings.

It doesn't matter how many years the struggle goes on, for each of our Falun Dafa disciples will "never feel regret for what he has done with his life!"

"610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.