September 13, 2003


Before the most recent 16th People's Congress, police destroyed a material production site in the Tangxiao District of Dongqizhan Hefei. Dafa practitioners Mr. Li Jun and Mr. Wu Jianghai were arrested and detained at Hongxing Hotel. They suffered a horrifying interrogation that included torture, handcuffing to a chair for a long time, sleep deprivation, enforced brainwashing, electric baton shocks, and violent beatings.

Shortly after the 16th People's Congress, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Wusheng, a medical doctor of Wanjiang Factory Hospital, was also apprehended and detained at Hongxing Hotel by "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary system]. There were policemen of "110 [special police section]," policemen from the Qilitang Town Police Station and the Wanjiang Factory security department. Niu Jingye and Jiang Tao from the First Division of the (Hefei City) Public Security Bureau were the leaders of the group of policemen. Mr. Zhang Wusheng was handcuffed to a chair and suffered sleep deprivation for twenty-two days. His arms were swollen to the size of his legs (Dafa practitioner Ms. Yang Jingfang was handcuffed to a chair for thirty-two days at the same place). Their health was badly affected because of all the excruciating torture they suffered. Furthermore, police didn't allow their families to visit them during the entire time of their illegal detention.

Around July 20, 2003, Mr. Zhang Wusheng, Mr. Li Jun, and Mr. Wu Jianghai were illegally put on trial at Yaohai District Court. The court didn't notify the families of Mr. Li Jun and Mr. Wu Jianghai. Three Dafa practitioners clarified the truth about Dafa to the court and pointed out that all the alleged charges were a frame-up based on lies. The court ended hurriedly and no sentence was announced.

Police from the First Division of (Hefei City) Public Security Bureau illegally detained and tortured Dafa practitioners at Hongxing Hotel. More and more of their crimes are being exposed.