September 28, 2003


At just thirty years of age, I had to sit in a wheelchair whenever I went out. That was over 10 years ago, when I suffered from a kind of rheumatoid arthritis and an immune system disease that no medicine could cure. I sought medical help all the time, hoping that some medicine could bring me a miracle. However, the sad reality made my hopes dwindle.

When I was 37, I went through difficult labor while giving birth to my daughter, which caused my condition to rapidly deteriorate. Other organs in my body became affected, and I started getting headaches, sore eyes and earaches. My whole body hurt, and I sweated continuously. Each day really felt like a year back then!

Two years ago, my neighbor told me about Falun Gong, and the benefits that the practice had brought to her mind and body. So I decided I would try it out! I started practicing and reading.

I would never have imagined that just after beginning to practice and read, my physical condition significantly improved. My family members all noticed that I was getting better every day. The symptoms of my illnesses disappeared one by one, and day by day my energy level rose. In a brief two-month period my health had all but returned. Even an egg-sized tumor that was growing in my armpit totally disappeared. I was immensely happy, and my whole family witnessed my healing process.

As of September of this year I have practiced for two years. People who see me can't believe their eyes. Before in the summer, when opening up the refrigerator, I had to first put on a cap and a cotton vest. I had to sit in a wheelchair whenever I went into town. Now I can not only walk but run, and I can also attend dance classes and take my children swimming at the pool. You can only know the goodness of Falun Gong by experiencing it yourself.