(Clearwisdom.net, October 5, 2003) On the 23rd of September 2003, Yvonne Kleberg, the presenter of Sweden's "Falun Gong Time" radio show, received a letter with an attached "post-it note" from a Swedish member of Amnesty International. In the note, it was written, "Please find enclosed a copy of a letter that I have sent to the "Everyday Times". When I witnessed [Chinese officials] trying to stop you broadcasting the radio programme, I couldn't believe my eyes. You brought them to court and have done very well, I wish you success."

Below is the AI member's letter:

On the 19th of September in the "Everyday News", culture writer Oivvio Polite commented on philosopher Karl Popper's article entitled, "Right now, the communist party and the Nazis are all "Edging cults". From Popper's theory, Plato, Hegel and Marx were the enemies of free society. But their "Cult" did not succeed in causing harm, so they were placed into a terror category.

And in the same issue of "Everyday News", two sections after the culture section, we read that the Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg was trying to stop Falun Gong practitioners from broadcasting a programme!

If communist China isn't an "Edging cult" or the world's biggest self-controlling country, then the world could carry on quietly and watch China's human rights become worse. People are being killed because they appeal to the government and because they are part of a peaceful group. In the distant land of Sweden, the Chinese Consul is using the ship from Guangzhou that is sailing to Gothenburg as an excuse to not let us speak and is also telling the local radio station to follow in the footsteps of the Chinese consulate and change what they broadcast.

This was a threat and the consulate should be punished.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200310/15512.html