In August of 2002, prior to the opening of the November 2002 16th Communist Party Congress, the police and guards at the Zhongba Labor Camp in Guizhou Province escalated their persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.

During this period, the camp police used despicable means to torment practitioners. The camp police locked female Dafa practitioners into male criminals' cells and instigated the male prisoners to rape them. They also forced Dafa practitioners to wear heavy clothing in the scorching sun, and forced Dafa practitioners to wear shoes with protruding nails in them. Two prisoners dragged each practitioner to make him or her run. The guards also shone intense light directly in the practitioners' eyes, and subjected them to other forms of abuse.

Following are details of some of the atrocities used to torture and torment Dafa practitioners:

  1. Locked steadfast a female Dafa practitioner into the less than 40 square feet male cell to be tortured and humiliated by two male drug addicts. They ripped off her clothes, inserted ice into her vagina, and raped her.
  2. a.) In the hottest months of August and September, the camp police forced Dafa practitioners to wear insulated overcoats and pants and then poured water on them. b.) Dafa practitioners were also forced to put on shoes with hidden nails, and then each of them was dragged by two drug addicts to run, with one drug addict pushing and beating from behind. c.) They took turns to further torture Dafa practitioners. d.) The prisoners were grouped into over a dozen "storming teams;" each team consisted of four police officers and four prisoners, of whom most were drug addicts, to attack one Dafa practitioner. Sometimes several dozen or more attacked one Dafa practitioner.
  3. Monitored Dafa practitioners around the clock. They used drug addicts to closely watch Dafa practitioners and instigated them to brutally beat Dafa practitioners.
  4. Deprived Dafa practitioners of sleep for more than a week. The Dafa practitioner was first brutally beaten, and was then forced to run. Some Dafa practitioners were injected with an amphetamine drug at that time. Then the practitioner was blinded with intense light and was not allowed to close his eyes; his body was continuously pushed back and forth while being forced to listen to sharp sounds. Then he was forced to run continuously. The skin on some Dafa practitioners' legs and feet was broken, with blood everywhere on the ground.
  5. They used bricks and rocks wrapped in cloth to violently hit the Dafa practitioners' back, rib areas, and hip joint areas. The Dafa practitioners suffered painful internal injuries, which could not be easily seen from the outside.
  6. The perpetrators pulled out practitioners' pubic hairs.
  7. Used lit cigarettes to burn Dafa practitioners.
  8. Constantly shook, tickled, and scratched Dafa practitioners.
  9. Force-fed those Dafa practitioners who went on a hunger strike.
  10. During this period, they continually broadcast videos and audiotapes that slandered Dafa and Master Li; they propagated false news and things that would mislead people into wrong understandings; for instance, violence plus brainwashing when Dafa practitioners were tired and their vigilance had slackened; when they were in a confused mental state from the torture and found it difficult to stand it anymore.
  11. Dafa practitioners were forced to work extended hours every day. They were forced to work sixteen to seventeen hours a day, sometimes even twenty-four hours a day.
  12. The most frequently used physical punishments included military poses, exposure to the scorching sun, shocking with the electric batons, beating with metal police batons wrapped in rubber, binding with rope, tying to metal beds for several days with limbs stretched out, sealing the mouth with adhesive tape or gagging with rags, cuffing and hanging in the air, and locking in solitary confinement while wearing only shorts or a shirt in the winter, no blanket for a cover.

Appendix 1: Partial list of Dafa practitioners who were subjected to this brutal torture. (males)

Wu Renhui (Xiuwen County, Guiyang City), Ma Lunxian (employee of China People's Bank, Guiyang Branch), Luo Laihua (Xiaohe Mining Machinery, Guiyang City), Tan Jinqing (Guiyang City), Jiang Ming (Driver for the Guizhou Province Institute of Political Science and Law), Chen Junfeng (Kaiyang Phosphorus Mine in Guiyang City), Teng Jianjun (Guiyang Chemical Machinery Plant), Song Bangfu (privately-owned enterprise employee in Guiyang City), Long Bo (Guiyang City), Zhao Peng (Guiyang City), Pan Jian (Guiyang Steel Plant employee), Kong Deyi (Xiaohe Southwest Tooling Plant in Guiyang City), Liu Yi'an (Kaiyang Phosphorus Mine), Gong (Pronunciation) Xueshun (Retired worker from the Guiyang Steel Plant), Yang Chenggang (Guizhou Province Aluminum Plant), Liu Bo (Construction Bank Guiyang branch), Zhang Dezhou (Pronunciation) (Jiuzhou Township, Anshun City), Yang Jiaxiang (Puding County, Anshun City), Wei Xinzhi (Ziyun Xian County Teacher, Anshun City), Cao Yongchang (Ziyun County, Anshun City), Cai Yong (Pingba County "011 System"), Zhang Tingxiang (Pingba County "170 staff"), Xu Yingyong (Pingba County), Chen Jinghua (Pingba County Liyang Plant), Wu Botong (Guanling County Electrical and Water Bureau), Fu Honglie (Youngning Township, Guanling County), Jia Lin'an (pronunciation) (Anjiu Brewhouse, Anshun City), Li Heping (Zhen'ning County, Anshun City), Li Denghong (pronunciation) (Dafang County, Bijie City), Li Yajun (Jinsha County, Bijie City), Wang Zhongyue (Jinsha County, Bijie City), Zhong Dagang (Jinsha County, Bijie City), Zhong Hua (Bijie City), Zhang Qiyan (Bijie City), Lu Yanlun (Liupanshui City), Wang Guozhong (Liupanshui City Coal Mine employee), Chen Qian (Liupanshui City), Zhang Wenli (Liupanshui City), Zhao Huailin (Liupanshui City), Gao Guoyuan (Security staff member of a mall in Zunyi City), Dai Qiyuan (Chishui County, Zunyi City), Mu Ronghao (Researcher for the Zunyi Forest Research Institute), Chen Guofu (Fenggang County, Zunyi City), Wusong (Zunyi City), Yue Mingjian (Zunyi City), Zhao Yinglie and Zhao Chanxian (father-son; all four members of the family were illegally sentenced because of practicing Falun Dafa. They are from Renhuai County, Zunyi City), Liu Ze (Zunyi City), Song Yingping (Duyun City), Lin Muhua (Duyun City), Min Jie (Qian'nanzhou People's Representative, Duyun City government staff member, was sentenced to a stay in a labor camp for validating Dafa during the People's Representative Conference), Liang Yongqi (Duyun City), Bu Chenghua (Tongren City), Dai Liqiang (staff of Kaili Tax Bureau), Dai Fangsheng (Ji'nan City, Shandong Province), Long Anfu (Ganshui, Sichuan Province), Li Zhengling (Gulin City, Sichuan Province), Yuan Hua, Yuan Bihong, Wang Zexuan, Yao Maoyuan, Wang Shangli, Geng Guanhe, Zheng Zhentang, Lin Shusheng, Huang Bangzhi.

Appendix 2: Partial list of the perpetrators of the torture(males)

Qian Qingnan (Head of the Zhongba Labor Camp)

Liu Yirui (Section Head of the Education Sector)

Li Ji'ming (pronunciation) (Deputy Head of the "Specially Charged" Division)

Yang Hui (A team leader in the second division)
Yang Renshou (Political instructor of the "specially charged" division)

Pan Zhong (Head of the "specially charged" division)
Wen Yi (A team leader in the second division)

Liu Yuansong (A guard in the second division)
Lu Xiang (Head of the fifth division)

Luo Gang (An assistant team leader in the fifth division)
Che Lao'er (Fifth division)

Tang (First name to be investigated, head of the second division)
Peng (First name to be investigated, head of the first division, now the head of the Police Garrison Division)
Yang (First name to be investigated, the team leader of the third team in first division)

Luo (First name to be investigated, the team leader of the first team in first division)

Policemen: Ma Yongchuan, Jiang Jifu, Ye Houzhong, Wang Zaihua, Li Jun
Related responsible personnel: He Chuan (A deputy head for the "Department for Reform through Labor" for Guizhou Province, in charge of persecuting Falun Gong)

Jiang Yanhu (Guizhou Province Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary, Head of Guizhou Province Public Security Department)