(Clearwisdom.net) During our daily efforts to clarify the truth of Falun Gong to tourists from China, practitioners eliminate various forms of interference with righteous thoughts and upright deeds. There is a new achievement or touching story occurring everyday. The following are a few examples.

1. Tour Guides and Bus Drivers Who Realize the Truth

In clarifying the truth, we focus on tour guides and bus drivers as well as the tourists. Once they realize the truth, they will support our efforts to clarify the truth to the tourists. In one instance, a young female tour guide asked me, "What happened?" while pointing to a certain photo on our flyer. After my brief mentioning of Chinese practitioners currently being persecuted, she exclaimed, "That's terribly cruel!" I passed a CD to her immediately and asked her to tell the facts about Falun Gong to the tourists. She nodded with gratitude. Another time, a different tour guide also helped with our distribution of Falun Gong materials, telling the tourists, "These are free Falun Gong materials for you." After that, the tourists willingly took them to read. Once while we were clarifying the truth, a tour guide replied loudly, "You don't need to tell me more; I already know the facts. I have been to many other countries and seen many Falun Gong practitioners. I believe you guys; you guys are not wrong." While she spoke, several tourists around her listened closely. Sometimes, kind bus drivers also agreed to let us put some materials on the bus.

2. Displaying Facts and Waking Up People's Conscience

While clarifying the truth to tourists, we usually receive understanding, sympathy, and support from them. Some Chinese tourists sighed, "It's so cruel!" upon seeing the persecution pictures. Some uttered a pleased laugh of "Good!" at the news of Jiang being sued in several nations. Many said to us, "Your Qigong practice is good. I believe that."

One time, a tourist listened quietly but attentively and nodded frequently to express his agreement. Meanwhile, other tourists passed by and jokingly commented, "Great! The leader is also listening!" Afterwards, we realized that this gentleman was the manager leading that tour group.

Another time a tour guide stopped us from distributing our materials at first; however, we just held up the material showing it to the Chinese tourist team of ten or so. While hearing about the suit against Jiang, those tourists came to ask for the materials. Some even took more copies for their friends. In a short time, we ran out of materials and the video CDs.

On the morning of the Mid-Autumn Festival day (9/11/2003), a tourist group paid close attention to us right after getting off their bus. One tourist was videotaping us and our banner display. I stepped forward to greet them by saying, "How are you? Thank you for taking pictures of us. Do you want to understand Falun Gong? If so, here are some materials for your leisure reading." Most of them happily received the truth-clarifying materials and the CD. Later, one tourist passed by us in a hurry after his lunch but asked for some truth materials and CD. He whispered to us, "Please don't mention to them that I took these. I am their team leader." Then he went alone to the bus and before boarding, he waved back to us, "I will pass these on to others when I go back to China." Later on, other tourists from his team came by. A female tourist whispered to her friends "Why be afraid? Go get some to read!" So the whole subgroup came over to us and picked up various materials, VCDs, and music CDs. One tourist proclaimed confidently to us, "I have a way to pass these materials through China's customs."

3. One's Clear Side Eagerly Wants to Know the Truth

Some tourists from China were afraid to receive Falun Gong materials. A few smart children practitioners carried one or two copies of the truth materials and walked among the tourists. This way, they could easily take copies. This innovative approach has proven to be very effective. A few stubborn tourists persistently refused to accept the materials. Often when all others were reading the materials, the stubborn ones would not come back to us due to worry about losing face, but they would grab a copy from their acquaintances. In many cases, kind bus drivers would allow us to place our material on each and every seat of the bus. This way, the tourists who were afraid to take them from our hands could easily read and exchange them after they found them on the bus.

Once, a Chinese tourist came over to us by herself. After a brief conversation with her, we learned that their tour team were workers from China's public security system. Since their bus driver was a nice person and already knew the truth, I followed this female tourist onto the bus. Once on board the bus, I distributed the materials and the CDs while telling them the facts about Falun Gong. The tourists inside the bus did not raise any objection and quietly accepted the materials. When I came to a vacant front seat, the tourist sitting on the next seat hinted that I should leave the materials on the empty seat for others. Sometimes Chinese tourists may hesitate to accept information outside, but they are eager to know the truth.

On rainy days, fellow practitioners stood in the rain holding a banner while other practitioners distributed materials under umbrellas. The practitioners' clothes would get wet but their faces beamed with brilliant smiles. Their peacefulness, compassion, persistence, and optimism are powerful enough to touch the hearts of the passing-by tourists. The pure righteousness of the practitioners has been presented so well, it has caused good effects for us to distribute lots of truth clarifying materials, even in the rain.

Of course, in the meantime, we have also encountered various forms of interference. But practitioners are basically able to eliminate the interference by keeping one pure thought in our mind: We only want to meet the tourist to give them flyers so they can learn the truth. We leave the choice up to them.

Fellow practitioners in Korea think clarifying the truth face to face has had very good results. Chinese tourists receive an opportunity to know the facts about Falun Gong. On the other hand, no matter what their reaction or attitude toward us is now, they will intentionally or unintentionally mention to their friends and relatives about the situation of Falun Gong outside of China later. They will talk about the news of Jiang and other high-ranking Chinese officers being sued overseas. Some of the tourists going home may even show off the things they received to others, saying, "Look, this is Falun Gong material from abroad." Fellow practitioners in China will cheer up when they hear about this from their local people. To everyday people, this type of news already clarifies the truth to them.