(Clearwisdom.net September 26) Talking about the issue of marriage among young and single Dafa practitioners will of course involve the issue of love between a man and a woman. How are we to correctly understand this? Here I want to share my personal understanding, and please point out any shortcomings.

All sentient beings in the Three Realms are soaked in emotion. It is because of the human society being soaked in emotion that the normal human marriage and mankind's procreation becomes possible. Dafa practitioners are cultivating in the form of human beings. Practitioners must conform to the norms of society as much as possible, so practitioners should also get married. It is only that the practitioners should gradually abandon their attachments to lust, desire, and emotion.

Everything in the human society is degenerating. Change in the human understanding of the fundamental nature of things is also among the things that have degenerated.

Association of lives relies on predestined relationships, and this predestined relationship is the leading factor in the whole association process. Being a special type of association, marriage also relies on predestined relationships, and it is based on emotion-driven love between a man and a woman. With this love, it becomes possible for a man and woman to come together. With this love, it becomes possible for a husband and a wife to lead a normal marital life. With this love, the married couple can produce their descendents. Only with this love can all this progress naturally and in sequence.

In the current society, at the time of Last Havoc, the way that people handle the issue of marriage has already degenerated. On the issue of marriage, emphasizing a predestined relationship has degenerated to become emphasizing love, and whether love exists or not has become the sole bond that sustains a marriage. In modern society, this degeneration has resulted in unstable marriages. It has also caused ordinary people to unknowingly accumulate a huge amount of karma.

In the Fa-rectification period, Dafa practitioners' marriages are sacred, which manifests as Dafa practitioners being responsible for rectifying the cosmos, for saving the sentient beings, and for creating the path of a human becoming a God. So these manifestations should all be righteous. Specifically, they include walking down a righteous path and following the predestined relationship, instead of following the emotion of love between a male and a female and other factors such as appearances, level of education, income, etc. (Of course, these aspects can possibly be the superficial factors that make the predestined relationships come to fruition). Walking the path right means that the practitioners validate Dafa at anytime and anywhere. It also means salvation of ordinary people, as well as setting a pure and righteous example for the new mankind.

Of course, following the predestined relationship does not mean going to extremes. On one hand, it is not right that we do nothing and let everything go its way unchecked. On the other hand, it is also extremely dangerous for one to indulge oneself into emotion, not use one's rational mind to control it, or let it go its way unchecked. We are cultivators after all, and we have our own criteria and ways of controlling it. Only when we keep on studying the Fa and immerse ourselves in the Fa can we act with a righteous mind and handle this issue well.