Police Chief Drives His Police Van to Help Deliver Dafa Truth-Clarification Materials

In northern China, there is a police chief whose wife is a Dafa practitioner. At the very beginning, he not only did not support his wife's practice, but also made a lot of trouble for her. With the help of Dafa practitioners, he finally came to understand the truth. Now he will inform practitioners of any imminent danger. He even drives his police van to help deliver Dafa materials.

Police Instructor Says, "Why Don't You Move to My District? I Will Guarantee Your Safety."

There is an instructor in a police station in northern China. During the past four years of his contact with Dafa practitioners, he has come to know the truth of Dafa and has chosen to firmly support Dafa. One day, a Dafa practitioner came to his police station to have some business done. During the conversation, the practitioner clarified the truth to him and exposed how he was persecuted by his local police. This instructor immediately said, "Why don't you move to my district? I will guarantee your safety."

County Executive Says, "Those Who Practice Falun Gong Are all Good People."

During a gathering, a person who did not know the truth said something bad about Dafa. A county executive who was there immediately refuted him, saying "You don't know Falun Gong. Don't listen to the government's lies. Those who practice Falun Gong are all good people."